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Dr Bruno de Nicola


Bruno De Nicola studied Medieval European History in Spain (University of Barcelona) before receiving a MA in Middle Eastern Studies (SOAS, University of London) in 2006. In 2011 he obtained a PhD at the University of Cambridge for his research on the role of women in the Mongol Empire. Before joining the University of St. Andrews, he was Curator of Persian Manuscripts at the British Library. 

Subject groups/Research projects

Arabic & Persian Studies:

Research Interests

His current research explores how the cultural life of Anatolia was modified by the arrival of the Mongols to the area, drawing in particular on hagiographic materials in order to gain a nuanced insight into how these interactions developed throughout the period, while at the same time, testing the suitability of using these hagiographical materials from a historiographical point of view. 

Key Publications

(ed.), Knowledge and Language in Middle Eastern Societies, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010.

(co-edited with Y. Mendel and H. Qutbbudin), “Women’s Role and Participation in Warfare in the Mongol Empire.” In Soldatinnen. Gewalt und Geschlecht im Krieg vom Mittelalter bis Heute, edited by K. Klaus Latzel, S. Satjukow and F. Maubach, pp. 95-112, Paderborn, 2010.

“Las mujeres mongolas en los siglos XII y XIII. Un análisis sobre el rol de la madre y la esposa de Chinggis Khan,” Acta Histórica y Arqueológica Medievalia, Vol. 27/28, pp. 37-64, Barcelona, 2008.