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Dr Sudeshna Guha

Dr Sudeshna Guha

Affiliated Researcher in Indian Studies


Dr Sudeshna Guha researches the History of Early India (c.a. 3000 BCE–1300 CE). She is researcher for Project ECLAP, responsible for MAA’s participation in digital Europe.

Subject groups/Research projects

Indian Studies:

Research Interests

She specialises in histories of state formation, art and architecture, and political economy. 

Key Publications

‘South Asian Heritage and Archaeological Practices’ in C Sandis (ed.) Cultural Heritage Ethics: Past Achievements and Present Duties, Open Book Publishers, 2013.

‘Beyond Representation: Photographs in archaeological knowledge, in O. M. Abadia and C. Huth (eds) Compultum, Vol. 8., Journal of Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2013.

‘Material Truths and Religious Identities: The Archaeological and Photographic Making of Banaras’, in M. S. Dodson (ed.) Banaras: Urban Forms and Cultural Histories, Routledge, pp. 42–76, 2012.

‘Curating Data, Disseminating Knowledge: Museums in Digital Age’, in P. Nesi and R. Santucci (ed.), ECLAP: Ist International Conference on Information Technologies for Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment, Firenze University Press, pp. 41–6, 2012.