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Dr Shai Heijmans

AHRC Research Associate in Biblical and Rabbinic Hebrew

Office Phone: 012233 35134


1999 – LLB, Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University.

2005 – MA, Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University. MA dissertation: Morphology of the Aramaic Dialect of the Palestinian Talmud According to Genizah Fragments.

2013 – PhD, Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University. PhD dissertation: Greek and Latin Loanwords in the Mishnah: Lexicon and Phonology.

Subject groups/Research projects

Hebrew & Semitic Studies:

Research Interests

  • Rabbinic Hebrew
  • Biblical Hebrew and its vocalisation systems
  • Jewish Aramaic

Other Professional Activities

Convenor of the Rabbinic Hebrew Workshop, July 2016.

Member of the International Organisation for Targumic Studies.

Member of the Israeli Bar since May 2000.

Key Publications


  • Lexicon of the Greek Loanwords in the Mishna (in preparation, an English translation of my PhD dissertation; to be published in Brill’s series SJHC [שי היימנס, המילים השאולות מיוונית ומלטינית במשנה]).
  • The Mishnah According to Codex Kaufmann: A Diplomatic Edition (in preperation; AHRC funded project).


  • “Non Tiberian Vocalisation Systems” in: Armin Lange and Emmanuel Tov, Textual History of the Bible, Leiden: Brill (in preparation)
  • “Babylonian Vocalization” in: S. E. Fassberg and R. Garr (eds.), Handbook of Biblical Hebrew, Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns 2016, pp. 133-145
  • “Pretonic Reduction of Vowels in Greek Loanwords and Its Significance” (in Hebrew), Chr. Stadel (ed.) Talshir Jubilee Volume (in print)
  • “A Remark on the form of Greek Loanwords in the Targum”, Aramaic Studies 12 (2014), pp. 27-31
  • The articles “Palestinian Vocalization”, “Palestino-Tiberian Vocalization” “Greek Loanwords”, “Manuscripts of the Mishna” and “Vocalization of Rabbinic Hebrew” in G. Khan (ed.), The Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics, Brill 2013
  • “About the ‘Unreliability’ of the Vocalization of Western Targum-Manuscripts”, Aramaic Studies 9 (2011), pp. 279-289 
  • “A Note on the Rafeh Sign in the Kaufmann Mishna Codex” (in Hebrew), Leshonenu 69 (2007), pp. 397-398 
  • “Studies in the Linguistic Tradition of Spanish Jews Before the Expulsion” (Review Article, in Hebrew), Leshonenu La’am 54 (2004), pp. 51-53