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Dr Lidia Napiorkowska

Research Associate in Hebrew & Aramaic


since 2013- Individual Post-Doctoral Fellowship, University of Cambridge
2010-2013- PhD student, University of Cambridge
2010-2009- MPhi student, University of Cambridge
2001-2006- MA student, University of Warsaw

Subject groups/Research projects

Hebrew & Semitic Studies:

Research Interests

   Semitic linguistics is what my research revolves around, with particular focus placed on Aramaic and Hebrew. I attempt to combine the study of the written resources with exploring the spoken varieties. Conducting fieldwork, especially aiming at documenting the rare Neo-Aramaic dialects has been particularly fascinating! What follows from the empirical approach is that my work accommodates internal linguistic variation, it also factors in the issues of language contact and diachronic change.
   As a post-doctoral researcher, I have been engaged in the documentation of the Neo-Aramaic cluster of Gargarnaye (among the speakers the language is called sureth). The project carried out at the University of Cambridge, funded by Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (SOAS), recognises the urgent need for recording the fascinating yet fragile linguistic reality of one of the Neo-Aramaic dialects. I have also been contributing to the NENA Database project, associated with the Faculty of Middle Eastern Studies.