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Woramon Prawatmuang

Woramon Prawatmuang

PhD Student, Chinese Studies


Originally from Thailand, I received higher education in China before moving to Cambridge. My educational background includes:

2010 - 2013 M.A. in Linguistics (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language), Peking University
2006 - 2010 B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University

Subject groups/Research projects

Chinese Studies:

Research Interests

My research interest includes Second Language Acquisition of syntax and phonetics, language education, and Chinese and Thai linguistics.

My other interests include technology, music and teaching. I like to learn new computer programs and apply them to the academic research. And during my internship at China Radio International  in 2011, I co-hosted a music program where we taught Chinese to the Thai audience through song lyrics.


Key Publications

(2014, with Yang Zhao). "Acquisition of the Existential Usage of Chinese Wh-Words by Thai Speakers" (泰语母语者汉语疑问代词虚指用法习得研究), Chinese teaching in the world (2): 230-241. (in Chinese)

(2013). "Comparison of the Durations of Chinese and Thai Syllable-Initial Consonants with a Discussion on the Nature of Thai Affricates (汉语和泰语辅音声母音长对比——兼谈泰语"塞擦音"性质问题)", Journal of Yunnan Normal University (1): 85-92. (in Chinese)

(2013, with Kong Ling-yue). "Retrieval and use of spoken lexical chunks of Chinese by advanced learners of Chinese" (高级汉语学习者汉语口语语块提取运用研究)Journal of Yunnan Normal University 11(3): 8-15. (in Chinese)

(2012). "An Evaluation of the Phonetics Section in Taiguoren Xue Hanyu and Its Teaching (评《泰国人学汉语》语音教学部分)", Chinese Language and Globalization Studies (1): 85-96. (in Chinese)

(2012). "The Predictability of Contrastive Analysis on Interlingual Transfer: Data from Thai learners' Chinese Disyllabic Tonal Coarticulation (对比分析法对语际迁移的预测能力——以泰国学习者的汉语双音节声调协同发音为例)", Proceedings of the 5th Beijing Graduate Forum on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (第五届北京地区对外汉语教学研究生学术论坛), Beijing, 12 May 2012. (in Chinese)