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Arabic & Persian Studies

People specializing in this area

Teaching & Research Staff

Dr Amira K Bennison

North Africa and the Middle East since 1500; 18th-19th century Muslim religio-political discourse and state structures; the medieval Islamic West; Islamic cultural history and historical globalisation

Dr Arthur D Dudney

Histories of Persian literary education beyond Iran; lexicography

Prof. Charles Melville

History and historiography of medieval Iran; Text-image studies of Persian manuscripts

Dr Nathaniel Miller

Pre- and early Islamic Arabic poetry; Medieval Arabic poetry anthologies; Early Islamic history; The Qurʾān

Prof. James Montgomery, Sir Thomas Adams's Professor of Arabic

History and historiography of the third to tenth centuries; Amr ibn Baḥr al-Jāḥiẓ; al-Ashʿarī’s The Doctrines of the Islamicists; translation of classical Arabic poetry

Prof. Yasir Suleiman

Arabic intellectual tradition in the pre-modern period; Arabic grammatical theory; cultural politics of the Middle East with special focus on identity, conflict, diaspora studies and modernization in so far as these issues relate to language, modern Arabic literature, translation and memory

Dr Krisztina Szilágyi

Religious interfaces of the medieval Middle East