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Dr Matthew W Shores

Dr Matthew W Shores

University Lecturer in Japanese

Fellow and AMES Director of Studies at Peterhouse

External Director of East Asian Studies at Corpus Christi College (Lent and Easter Terms, 2017)

External Director of East Asian Studies at Pembroke College (academic year, 2016-17)

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 335173


Dr Shores teaches Japanese literature and culture (e.g., performing arts, film) courses. He researches comic modes of expression, both performed and literary, from early modern times to today. He has special interest in literature and traditional performing arts of the Kamigata (modern Kansai) region, but he is also drawn to an array of other subjects. 

Dr Shores has informally apprenticed with rakugo masters Katsura Bunshi V (1930-2005) and Hayashiya Somemaru IV (b. 1949) and has had training in a number of other Japanese performing arts including butō, buyō, hayashi music, kabuki, kouta, kyōgen, , and shamisen.

For more information about Dr Shores, his current projects, previous work and more, please visit

Follow Dr Shores on Facebook and Twitter.  Skype: manoamatt

Courses Taught

J.3 Modern Texts 1 (first year course [required])

J.8 Japanese Literary Modernity (second year course [elective]) + supervisions

J.12 Modern Japanese Texts 3 (fourth year course [required]) + supervisions

J.15 Modern Japanese Cultural History (fourth year course [elective]) + supervisions

EAS.1 Introduction to East Asian History (first year course [required], selected lectures/seminars on premodern Japan) 

AMES.1 Cinema East (second year course [elective], lectures, seminars, and screenings for Japanese cinema portion) + supervisions

Undergraduate and Graduate Supervision

Dr Shores welcomes inquiries from talented young scholars of all backgrounds to work under his supervision at Peterhouse and/or in the Faculty. He can supervise a wide range of topics related to Japanese literature, cultural history, and performing arts. 

Prospective graduate students desiring to focus on Japan or China may be interested to learn about special funding opportunities made possible by a generous endowment from the respected Cambridge scholar of Japan, Dr Carmen Blacker, FBA (1924-2009).
Note: graduate students must be admitted to Peterhouse to be eligible for this funding.

Undergraduate Dissertation Topics to Date

"A Critical Study of Selected Works by Hasegawa Kaitarō"
"Under Tea Leaves: Gunpowder and Merchants in 16th Century Sakai"

Graduate Students Currently Under Dr Shores' Supervision

Rosa van Hensbergen (PhD student, 2015-)

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Subject groups/Research projects

Japanese Studies: