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Chinese Studies

Chinese Studies Teaching Staff

Dr Adam Yuet Chau University Senior Lecturer in the Anthropology of Modern China
Dr Susan Daruvala University Senior Lecturer in Modern Chinese Literature
Dr Imre Galambos University Lecturer in Pre-modern Chinese Studies
Ms Shen-hsing Hong Lector in Chinese
Dr Joe McDermott Emeritus Reader in Chinese History
Prof. David McMullen Emeritus Professor of Chinese
Prof. Roel Sterckx Joseph Needham Professor of Chinese History, Science and Civilization
Prof. Hans van de Ven Professor of Modern Chinese History
Ms Emma Wu Language Teaching Officer in Chinese
Dr Boping Yuan Reader in Chinese Language and Linguistics
Affiliated Staff
Mr Charles Aylmer Head of Chinese Department, Cambridge University Library
Dr Sally Church Affiliated Researcher
Prof. Jianjun Mei Director, Needham Research Institute
Dr James Lin Senior Assistant Keeper of Applied Arts, Fitzwilliam Museum
Chinese Art History
Mr John Moffett Librarian, Needham Research Institute
Dr Robert Weatherley Affiliated Lecturer in Chinese Politics
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