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Degree Committee

The Degree Committee is a committee of the Faculty Board. According to the Statutes it is responsible for the ‘approval of students as Graduate Students and the supervision of their work, the award of degrees, diplomas and certificates in respect of graduate study or contributions to learning, and other cognate matters’. For 2014-2015 its membership comprises:


Dr Boping Yuan (EAS)

Secretary & Director
of Graduate Affairs

Dr Christine van Ruymbeke (MES)

EAS MPhil Coordinator

Dr Adam Chau (EAS)


Ms Lucy Cavan

Chairman of the Faculty Board
MES MPhil Coordinator 

Professor Charles Melville (MES)

Head of Department, East Asian Studies

Professor Roel Sterckx (EAS)

Head of Department, Middle Eastern Studies

Professor James Montgomery (MES)

Other Committee members

Dr Paul Anderson (MES)
Dr Laura Moretti (EAS)
Dr Shady Nasser (MES)
Dr Michael Rand (MES)
Dr John Nilsson-Wright (EAS)