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MES Graduate Studentships

Middle Eastern Studies
Graduate Studentships & Travel Funds

Graduate Studentships

There is a single form that covers applications for awards from any of the following Middle Eastern Studies Graduate Studentships:

  • E.G. Browne Memorial Research Studentship
  • Wright Studentship (Arabic Studies)
  • RA Nicholson studentship (Arabic & Persian Studies)
  • Soudavar Memorial Research Studentship in Persian Studies
  • Rapson Scholarship in Indian & Iranian Studies
  • Hebrew Studentship

Initial application for funding

This should be made on the initial studentship application form, which is available to download as a Word File or as a PDF File.

Continuation of funding

There is now a separate form for those who have previously received funding from the Department and wish to be considered for funding to be continued. This studentship funding continuation form is also available to download as a Word File or as a PDF File.

Travel Fund Awards

Application for awards from the DMES Travel Funds (the Martin Hinds Travel Fund in the case of Graduate Students) is made using a different form.

This travel fund application form is available to download here as a Word File or as a PDF File.