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Korean Studies selected online resources

Korean Studies

Last updated August 2015


accessible via the Cambridge University Library's Electronic Resources site

E-Korean Studies database service
Accessible from machines with IP addresses within the domain. For machines outside the University, members may use their RAVEN password to login.

An integrated portal service of 9 electronic databases that provides Korean resources in all academic disciplines, including arts and humanities, social sciences, sciences, medical sciences, legal information etc. Special interest to many will be the inclusion of North Korean science and technology journals. The databases contain a variety of resource formats such as e-books, periodicals and newspapers, dissertations, research reports, archaeological excavations, laws, classical literature, dictionaries and encyclopaedias, and video lectures. Databases included are:

  • Korean Studies Information Service System (KISS)
  • Korean Monographs and e-books (KSI e-book)
  • Korea A2Z
  • The Digital Culture Art Course
  • Kdatabase
  • KPjournal
  • Korean History and Culture research database
  • History Culture Series
  • LawB's Legal Information Service

 KCI Korean Journals Database
This collaboration with the National Research Foundation of Korea provides access to search and view critically important regional content with international impact. Get a comprehensive picture of the influencers and drivers of regional research:

  • Approximately 2,000 scholarly journals (over 1,500 new to the Web of Science)
  • Mixture of open-access and subscription titles
  • Has the same feature set as Web of Science source record databases
  • Simplified discovery process for local information in a regional database
  • An easy search experience with local language interface
  • Free of charge to existing Web of Science subscribers

Nurimedia (Collective Subscription of Korean e-resources)
Provides an integrated and comprehensive service in the field of Korean Studies. The collective subscription product includes DBpia and KRpia.

DBpia provides full text databases including more than 862,000 articles of 1,181 Korean scholarly journals in 12 different fields of society, literature, economics & business, medical science, humanities, theology, law & administration, arts, engineering, natural science, and education. All the back issues of each journal title are available and title, author, keyword, journal title and publisher searchable.

KRpia provides broad coverage of primary resources on Korean Studies. Currently 127 full-text databases are available.



British Library Korean Collections
Holds over 10,000 monographs, 40 manuscripts, and over 200 current serials from South and North Korea. The newspapers Tonga Ilbo and Minju Choson are taken, and there is an extensive collection of microfilmed newspapers from North and South Korea

Harvard University Library / Research Guide for Korean Studies

Korean Old and Rare Collection Information System. A national catalogue of Korean old books and manuscripts. Search by title, keyword, author, and publisher.

Korean National Digital Library (국가전자도서관)

National Assembly Library (국회도서관)
This online catalog provides bibliographic information for books, multimedia resources, periodicals, newspapers and other resources housed in the National Assembly Library of Korea. Users can search through more than 25 databases of government publications, documents issued by the National Assembly, academic journals published since 1910, theses and dissertations since 1945, rare books, and other collections. Full-text access only in Korea.

National Library of Korea (국립중앙도서관) and its Digital Library(국립중앙도서관 전자도서관)
This online catalogue allows users not only to perform a general search but also to browse library materials by subject. The library resources include books, monographs, periodicals, theses and dissertations, academic journals, and rare books. Full-text access only in Korea.

Oxford University Oriental Institute Library (Bodleian Libraries)

Korean Union catalog of books, journals, periodical articles, and theses for Korean university libraries.

School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) Korean Collections
The Library holds some 80,000 monographs for Korean studies including publications from North Korea and official reports produced by the Governor-General of Korea. In addition, there are some 400 Korean language periodicals, some 300 western language periodicals, and over 400 audio-visual materials for teaching and research in Korean studies.

Union catalog of records of any type of material (books, periodicals, scores, films, recordings, etc.) catalogued by over 41,000 OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) member libraries, primarily but not exclusively, from libraries in the United States, but extending to 82 other nations. To view the interface in Korean, please click on the Korean-language display option 한국어 at the bottom of the screen. RAVEN password is required to use this database outside the Cambridge domain.

Yale University Library / Korean Studies



Korean Romanization Converter
This tool converts Hangul alphabet into Roman alphabet. It works for both the Revised Romanization of Korean and the McCune-Reischauer Romanization system.

LC (Library of Congress) and ALA (American Library Association) Romanization Table for Korean
Detailed explanation of the guidelines that many libraries use to romanize Korean works for cataloguing purposes.

Revised Romanization of Korean
The official Korean language Romanization system used in South Korea.


Glossary of Korean Studies (한국학영문용어/용례사전)
 Korean dictionary.

KINDS (Korea Integrated News Database)
Articles since 1990 are searchable. PDF pages of Kyǒnghyang Sinmun, Tonga Ilbo, Sǒul Sinmun, and Han'guk Ilbo from 1960 to 1989 can be browsed by date. Articles from old newspapers (1896-) are also searchable and browsable by date. Includes popular daily newspapers (national and regional), and also weekly, monthly magazines, internet newspapers, specialist newspapers and TV stations. Free service.

Korea Focus
A monthly webzine in English, featuring commentaries and essays on Korean politics, economy, society and culture, as well as relevant international issues. The articles are selected from leading Korean newspapers, magazines, journals and academic papers from prestigious forums. - Gateway to Korea
English-language information on Korea created by the Korean Information Service. Provides information under categories, such as news, government, economy and culture.

Created by Frank Hoffmann. Links to government core institutions for Korean studies. Useful as a subject guide. Also a good place to find a list of Koreanists, Internet discussion list of Korean studies, and to search for academic positions.

Naver dictionaries
Chinese-Korean/Korean-Chinese; Japanese-korean/Korean-Japanese; English-Korean/Korean-English etc. Also includes character recognition.

Naver News Library
Provides free digital access to news archive services for four major newspapers in Korea :(Tonga Ilbo (東亞日報) 1920-1999; Hankyoreh 1988-1999; Kyŏnghyang Sinmun (京鄕新聞) 1946-1999; Maeil Kyŏngje (每日經濟) 1966-1999). Enables users to perform searches in a wide range of categories according to subjects and document types, dates, keywords etc.. The platform offers experience similar to reading the original newspaper.