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Past PhD Topics

Have a look at where some of our graduates are teaching now, and what kinds of dissertations have been written in our Faculty over the past several decades:


Feng, John H. (2014)
(A) Learned Society in Peking, The Chinese Social and Political Science Association, 1915-1949.

D’Haeseleer, Tineke (2011)
North-East Asia during the Tang Dynasty: Relations of the Tang Court with Koguryŏ, Bohai, and Youzhou-Yingzhou.

Sun, Saiyin (2010)
Beyond the iron house: Lu Xun and the Chinese literary field in the 1920s.

Dugarova, Esuna (2010)
Behaviours of wh-elements in English and Russian learners' L2 Chinese wh-questions.

Weingarten, Oliver (2010)
Textual Representation of a Sage: Studies of Pre-Qin and Western Han Sources on Confucius (551-479 BCE).

Chiu, Yu Yun (Vicky) (2009)
A pursuit of freedom: a study of Shen Congwen's aesthetics.

Chen, Song-Chuan Chen (2009)
The British maritime public sphere in Canton, 1827-1839.

Chen, Szu-Chi (2009)
Peasants and morality: intellectual repositioning in relation to the peasants in the post-Mao era in the works of Zhang Wei and Yan Lianke.

Cho, Sungwu (2008)
Death, Disease, and Daoism in the Tang: A Study of Daoist Liturgy in Medieval China.
Now at: Cambridge

Zhao, Lucy (2008)
The Syntax and Interpretation of Overt and Null Arguments in Chinese and Their Acquisition by Second Language Learners.
Now at: University of Sheffield

Boecking, Felix (2008)
Tariffs, Power, Nationalism, and Modernity: Fiscal Policy in Guomindang-controlled China 1927-1941.
Now at: University of Edinburgh

Zhang, Ling (2008)
Environmental and Economic Change in Hebei in the Eleventh Century.
Now at: University of Newcastle

Tan, Chee-lay (2008)
Constructing a system of irregularities: the poetry of Bei Dao, Yang Lian and Duoduo.
Now at: National Institute of Education, Singapore

Ning, Lutao (2008)
The role of the state in the rise of China’s information and communication technology manufacturing industry from 1949-2004.

Pollacchi, Elena (2007)
The evolution of the Chinese film industry and new urban heroes in Chinese cinema (1989-2004).
Now at: University of Venice

Shan, Chuan-kuo (2006)
Split intransitivity in Chinese as a second language.
Now at: Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

Liang, Yuchang (2006)
Nominal phrases in English and Japanese speakers’ L2 Mandarin grammars.
Now at: St. John’s University, Taiwan.

Zhao, Yang (2005)
Causativity in Chinese and its representations in English, Japanese and Korean speakers’ L2 Chinese grammars.
Now at: Peking University

Hong, Jeeson (2004)
Gendered modernism of Republican China: Lu Yin, Ling Shuhua and Zhang Ailing.

Lovell, Julia (2002)
China’s search for a Nobel prize in literature: Literature, and national and cultural identity in twentieth-century China.
Now at: Birbeck College

Lim, Song Hwee (2001)
Male homosexuality in films from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong of the 1990s.
Now at: University of Exeter

Zheng, Yangwen (2001)
The social life of opium in Qing China.
Now at: University of Manchester


Quah, Sy Ren (1999)
The theatre of Gao Xingjian: experimentation within the Chinese context and towards new modes of representation.
Now at: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Janoush, Andreas (1998)
The reform of imperial ritual during the reign of Emperor Wu of the Liang dynasty (502-549).
Now at: Universidad Autónoma, Madrid

Brashier, Ken (1998)
Evoking the ancestor: the stele hymn of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 C.E.).
Now at: Reed College, Oregon

Sterckx, Roel (1997)
The animal and the daemon in early China: a study of animal lore in Warring States and Han texts.

Muir, Jovanna (1997)
Li Deyu (787-850): his life, writing and place in intellectual history.

Mitter, Rana (1996)
The Japanese occupation of Manchuria.
Now at: Oxford University

Chang, Ning (1995)
Sino-British relations during 1910-30: a case study of British business in Hankow.
Now at: Academia Sinica, Institute for Modern History

Neather, Robert (1995)
The fu genre in the Mid-Tang: a study in generic change.
Now at: City University of Hong Kong

Moore, Oliver J. (1993)
The literary arena: social and ceremonial aspects of Chinese state examinations in the T’ang chih-yen by Wang Ting-pao (870-940).
Now at: Sinological Institute, Leiden


Dunstan, Helen (1981)
The Ho-tung salt administration in Ming times.
Now at: University of Sydney


McDermott, Joe (1978)
Land tenure and rural control in the Liangche region during the Southern Sung.
Now at: Cambridge

Wang Ch’iu-Kuei (1978)
The transformation of the Meng Chiang-nü story in Chinese popular literature.

Wright, Tim (1977)
Shandong mines in the modern Chinese coal industry up to 1937.
Now at: University of Sheffield

Wolpert, Rembrandt (1975)
Lute music and tablatures of the Tang period.

Philips, Richard (1975)
Regions of China under Japanese occupation, 1937-1945.

Beattie, Hilary (1974)
Land and lineage in China: a study of T’ung-ch’eng County, Anhwei, in the Ming and Ch’ing dynasties.

Herbert, Penelope (1974)
The life and works of Chang Chiu-ling.

Salt, Michael (1972)
Aspects of noun-formation in Chinese.

Hsü, Raymond (1972)
The vocabulary of Lu Hsün: A stylistic study.

Sutton, Donald (1971)
The rise and decline of the Yunnan Army, 1909-1925.
Now at: Carnegie Mellon University

Wong, Owen (1970)
Kuo Sung-tao’s mission to Great Britain.


Elvin, Mark (1968)
The Gentry democracy in Shanghai, 1905-1914.
Now at: Australian National University (emeritus)

Dolby, Arthur (1968)
Kuan Han-ch’ing and some aspects of his works.

McMullen, David (1968)
Yuan Chien and the early Ku-wen movement.
Now at: Cambridge (emeritus)

Dudbrige, Glen (1966)
The Hsi-yu chi : a study of antecedents and early versions.
Now at: Oxford University (emeritus)

Bernal, Martin (1966)
Chinese Socialism to 1913.