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Past PhD Topics

Have a look at where some of our graduates are teaching now, and what kinds of dissertations have been written in our Faculty over the past several decades:


Feng, John H. (2014)
(A) Learned Society in Peking, The Chinese Social and Political Science Association, 1915-1949.

Chen Li (2013)
From Burma Road to 38th parallel: the Chinese forces's adaptation in war 1942-1953.

Mai Ziyin (2013)
Properties of the (shi) … (de) focus construction in adult L2 acquisition and heritage language acquisition of Mandarin Chinese.

Pan Yi (2012)
Rural welfare in China.

Tan, Jeffery (2011)
Shaw Brother's exploitation of sex in Hong Kong films of the early 1970s.

Sam Zhiguang Yin (2011)
Politics of art: Creation Society and the making of Marxist individuality.

Mak, George Kam Wah
Protestant Bible translation and Mandarin as the national language of China.

D’Haeseleer, Tineke (2011)
North-East Asia during the Tang Dynasty: Relations of the Tang Court with Koguryŏ, Bohai, and Youzhou-Yingzhou.

Sun, Saiyin (2010)
Beyond the iron house: Lu Xun and the Chinese literary field in the 1920s.

Dugarova, Esuna (2010)
Behaviours of wh-elements in English and Russian learners' L2 Chinese wh-questions.

Weingarten, Oliver (2010)
Textual Representation of a Sage: Studies of Pre-Qin and Western Han Sources on Confucius (551-479 BCE).

Chiu, Yu Yun (Vicky) (2009)
A pursuit of freedom: a study of Shen Congwen's aesthetics.

Chen, Song-Chuan Chen (2009)
The British maritime public sphere in Canton, 1827-1839.

Chen, Szu-Chi (2009)
Peasants and morality: intellectual repositioning in relation to the peasants in the post-Mao era in the works of Zhang Wei and Yan Lianke.

Cho, Sungwu (2008)
Death, Disease, and Daoism in the Tang: A Study of Daoist Liturgy in Medieval China.
Now at: Cambridge

Zhao, Lucy (2008)
The Syntax and Interpretation of Overt and Null Arguments in Chinese and Their Acquisition by Second Language Learners.
Now at: University of Sheffield

Boecking, Felix (2008)
Tariffs, Power, Nationalism, and Modernity: Fiscal Policy in Guomindang-controlled China 1927-1941.
Now at: University of Edinburgh

Zhang, Ling (2008)
Environmental and Economic Change in Hebei in the Eleventh Century.
Now at: University of Newcastle

Tan, Chee-lay (2008)
Constructing a system of irregularities: the poetry of Bei Dao, Yang Lian and Duoduo.
Now at: National Institute of Education, Singapore

Ning, Lutao (2008)
The role of the state in the rise of China’s information and communication technology manufacturing industry from 1949-2004.

Pollacchi, Elena (2007)
The evolution of the Chinese film industry and new urban heroes in Chinese cinema (1989-2004).
Now at: University of Venice

Shan, Chuan-kuo (2006)
Split intransitivity in Chinese as a second language.
Now at: Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

Liang, Yuchang (2006)
Nominal phrases in English and Japanese speakers’ L2 Mandarin grammars.
Now at: St. John’s University, Taiwan.

Zhao, Yang (2005)
Causativity in Chinese and its representations in English, Japanese and Korean speakers’ L2 Chinese grammars.
Now at: Peking University

Hong, Jeeson (2004)
Gendered modernism of Republican China: Lu Yin, Ling Shuhua and Zhang Ailing.

Lovell, Julia (2002)
China’s search for a Nobel prize in literature: Literature, and national and cultural identity in twentieth-century China.
Now at: Birbeck College

Lim, Song Hwee (2001)
Male homosexuality in films from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong of the 1990s.
Now at: University of Exeter

Zheng, Yangwen (2001)
The social life of opium in Qing China.
Now at: University of Manchester


Quah, Sy Ren (1999)
The theatre of Gao Xingjian: experimentation within the Chinese context and towards new modes of representation.
Now at: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Janoush, Andreas (1998)
The reform of imperial ritual during the reign of Emperor Wu of the Liang dynasty (502-549).
Now at: Universidad Autónoma, Madrid

Brashier, Ken (1998)
Evoking the ancestor: the stele hymn of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 C.E.).
Now at: Reed College, Oregon

Sterckx, Roel (1997)
The animal and the daemon in early China: a study of animal lore in Warring States and Han texts.

Muir, Jovanna (1997)
Li Deyu (787-850): his life, writing and place in intellectual history.

Mitter, Rana (1996)
The Japanese occupation of Manchuria.
Now at: Oxford University

Chang, Ning (1995)
Sino-British relations during 1910-30: a case study of British business in Hankow.
Now at: Academia Sinica, Institute for Modern History

Neather, Robert (1995)
The fu genre in the Mid-Tang: a study in generic change.
Now at: City University of Hong Kong

Moore, Oliver J. (1993)
The literary arena: social and ceremonial aspects of Chinese state examinations in the T’ang chih-yen by Wang Ting-pao (870-940).
Now at: Sinological Institute, Leiden


Dunstan, Helen (1981)
The Ho-tung salt administration in Ming times.
Now at: University of Sydney


McDermott, Joe (1978)
Land tenure and rural control in the Liangche region during the Southern Sung.
Now at: Cambridge

Wang Ch’iu-Kuei (1978)
The transformation of the Meng Chiang-nü story in Chinese popular literature.

Wright, Tim (1977)
Shandong mines in the modern Chinese coal industry up to 1937.
Now at: University of Sheffield

Wolpert, Rembrandt (1975)
Lute music and tablatures of the Tang period.

Philips, Richard (1975)
Regions of China under Japanese occupation, 1937-1945.

Beattie, Hilary (1974)
Land and lineage in China: a study of T’ung-ch’eng County, Anhwei, in the Ming and Ch’ing dynasties.

Herbert, Penelope (1974)
The life and works of Chang Chiu-ling.

Salt, Michael (1972)
Aspects of noun-formation in Chinese.

Hsü, Raymond (1972)
The vocabulary of Lu Hsün: A stylistic study.

Sutton, Donald (1971)
The rise and decline of the Yunnan Army, 1909-1925.
Now at: Carnegie Mellon University

Wong, Owen (1970)
Kuo Sung-tao’s mission to Great Britain.


Elvin, Mark (1968)
The Gentry democracy in Shanghai, 1905-1914.
Now at: Australian National University (emeritus)

Dolby, Arthur (1968)
Kuan Han-ch’ing and some aspects of his works.

McMullen, David (1968)
Yuan Chien and the early Ku-wen movement.
Now at: Cambridge (emeritus)

Dudbrige, Glen (1966)
The Hsi-yu chi : a study of antecedents and early versions.
Now at: Oxford University (emeritus)

Bernal, Martin (1966)
Chinese Socialism to 1913.