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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


12 November 2018
Dr John Nilsson-Wright discusses US Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Japan and Trump's ongoing failure to think strategically about Asia.

08 November 2018
The Japanese Studies section of Cambridge University is delighted to announce that we will soon be able to offer a brand new Japanese Studies graduate scholarship.

02 November 2018
The world’s biggest kung fu fantasy writer and one of the oldest students to ever undertake a PhD at this Faculty, Louis Cha OBE, has died in Hong Kong following a long illness.

29 October 2018
Roel Sterckx receives Taiwan Distinguished Alumni Award

28 October 2018
Asahi Shimbun political correspondent Miura Toshiakai discusses the the Heisei Era and Japan's history issue



Spotlight on


The Dunhuang manuscripts have been discovered over a century ago and since then generated an impressive volume of research. Looking at the corpus today, one of its most astonishing features is the linguistic diversity of the material, manifested in a mixture of languages and scripts. There are texts in over twenty different languages and scripts, including combinations of these. There are examples of Tibetan written with Chinese characters as a way of recording the pronunciation of Tibetan names and titles.