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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


11 October 2018
The documentary, directed by Japanese director Watanabe Kenichi will be available in French, Japanese, and English versions.

11 October 2018
Dr John Nilsson-Wright features on Monocle's 'The Globalist' radio show discussing the recent 2 plus 2 defence/foreign ministers meeting between Japan and Australia

20 September 2018
Dr John Nilsson-Wright gives two interviews with Arirang News discussing the Inter-Korea Summit in Pyongyang

19 September 2018
Emeritus Professor Peter Kornicki has just published a new book in Japanese.

18 September 2018
Professor Barak Kushner joins discussion on Meiji Restoration on BBC World Service



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For the last decade or so Dr Peleg has been engaged in an ongoing examination of the history and nature of romance in modern Hebrew literature, especially the paradoxical absence of it from the modern Hebrew roman or novel. This examination has inspired his first book about homoeroticism in Hebrew literature, Derech Gever (Hebrew, 2003), which looks at "romance" between men in Hebrew literature as an articulation of early Zionism's preoccupation with masculinity.