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Jung-Tsung Lin (Bhikṣu Changzhi)

Jung-Tsung Lin (Bhikṣu Changzhi)

PhD Student, Chinese Studies


After completing a BA in English literature at NCKU, and an MA in translation studies at Fu Jen in Taiwan, I worked as a legal translator (Chinese/English). In 2000 I joined the Dharma Drum Mountain Sangha, and have since become a Buddhist monk. Before starting my PhD in Cambridge in 2012, I finished an MA in Buddhist studies at Bristol (with distinction) in 2011, presenting a thesis on the nature and expressions of syncretism in Chinese Buddhism.

Subject groups/Research projects

Chinese Studies:

Research Interests

My PhD project explores the modern reform in Taiwan of the grandest ritual in Chinese Buddhism: the Shuilu Universal Deliverance Rite (shuilu fahui). Besides presenting and analysing the process, results, and impact of the reform, I intend also to trace the historical development of the Shuilu rite, covering its evolution of different traditions, and spread to North- and Southeast Asia. The objective is to portray an in-depth picture of both the traditional and modern evolving faces of the Shuilu rite.

Buddhist ritual studies; digital representation and application of Buddhist art in ritual