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Ven. Phra Kiattisak Kittipanyo Ponampon (釋智譽)

Ven. Phra Kiattisak Kittipanyo Ponampon, (釋智譽)

MPhil Student in Chinese Studies


Phra Kiattisak Ponampon 釋智譽 received his BA in Religious Studies from Hsuan Chuang University, Taiwan (with a thesis on Buddhist Stupa), one MA degree (in Religious Studies) from University of Otago (New Zealand), with a thesis titled “Mission, Meditation and Miracles: An Shigao in Chinese Tradition,” and another MA degree (in Buddhist Studies) from SOAS, UK, with a dissertation titled “Meditative Techniques and Visionary Experiences in Early Medieval Chinese Buddhist Texts.” He is currently working on his MPhil in Chinese Studies at the University of Cambridge.

Subject groups/Research projects

Chinese Studies:

Research Interests

Dunhuang Studies, Silk Road Studies, Chinese Buddhism, Early Medieval Chinese Buddhist Meditative Techniques, Taoist Meditation, Early Buddhist Manuscripts, Buddhist Art

Other Professional Activities

Summer Schools: Fudan University, Hangzhou Buddhist College, DILA, University of Leiden

Workshops: SOAS, Yale University


  • "The Navel Contemplation in Chinese Buddhist Texts during the 5th Century CE",  From the Caoxi Creek to Mogao Cave: Interdisciplinary Studies of Chan Buddhism and the Dunhuang Cache from Multiple Sources and Perspectives Conference 從曹溪到敦煌: 多重資料和不同視角下的跨學科禪宗研究和敦煌寶藏研究 (DILA, New Taipei, Taiwan 14-15 January 2018)
  • Yi xin guan qi: Visionary Meditation in Early Chinese Buddhist Texts during the 5th Century”,  The XVIIIth IABS Conference, (University of Toronto, Toronto,  Canada, August 2017)
  • Guarding mindfulness at the centre of the body: Early Chinese Buddhist meditation techniques during the Later Han and Later Chin Periods”, The International Seminar on Archaeological Perspectives on History of Buddhism & Recent Research on Borān Meditation Traditions, (AIT, Patum Thani, Thailand, 20 April 2014.)
  • Graphs of An Shigao’s Extant Texts regarding meditation”,  The International Conference on Meditation and Zen, (Hong Kong, 15-18 June 2013.)
  • An Shigao and Early Chinese Buddhist Meditation”, The NZASR/AABS Conference, (Queenstown, New Zealand, 7-9 December 2011.)


Key Publications

  • “Graphs of An Shigao’s Extant Texts regarding meditation” 亚洲禅学研讨会论文集(香港) 中国文化研究院, 2013
  • “An Shigao and Early Chinese Meditation techniques” DIRI Journal V.1, August, Bangkok,                 2012