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Magdalen Connolly

Magdalen Connolly

PhD Student, Hebrew Studies


I received my BA in Arabic & Theology at the University of Exeter (2008-2013) during which period I also studied at the University of Damascus (2009-2010). In 2014, I was awarded my M.Phil. in Hebrew Studies at the University of Cambridge (2013-2014).

For my undergraduate dissertation I translated a 13th century Judaeo-Arabic version of Ibn Sīnā’s al-Qānūn fī al-ibb. My M.Phil. research focused on the translation and linguistic analysis of the 11th century letters of Daniel b. ‘Azaryah discovered in the Cairo Genizah collections.

My current research comprises a comparative philological study of 15th-19th century Egyptian Judaeo-Arabic folk narratives and letters from the Cairo Genizah collections, focusing on variation in registers employed in these two genres.

Subject groups/Research projects

Hebrew & Semitic Studies:

Research Interests

Judaeo-Arabic, Middle Arabic, Cairo Genizah, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, Hebrew code-switching, Palaeography.


Key Publications

Wagner, Esther-Miriam & Magdalen Connolly. 2016. ‘Code-switching in Judaeo- Arabic documents from the Cairo Geniza’. In: Pahta, Päivi, Janne Skaffari and Laura Wright (eds) Multilingual Practices in Language History: New Perspectives. Berlin; New York: Mouton de Gruyter (Forthcoming, 2016)

Other Publications

Conference Papers

Wagner, Esther-Miriam & Magdalen Connolly. 2016. ‘Genre-specific variation of code-switching in Judaeo-Arabic letters’. Historical Code-Switching Conference, University of Helsinki, Finland. 10th-12th March 2016 (forthcoming)

‘Particles, prepositions and conjunctions in a 19th century Egyptian Judaeo- Arabic folk narrative’. Ottoman Arabic Workshop, University of Cambridge, 24th- 25th April 2016 (forthcoming)