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Aleix Ruiz Falqués

Aleix Ruiz Falqués

PhD Student, Indian Studies

Subject groups/Research projects

Indian Studies:

Research Interests

My research is about the pāli grammatical tradition in Myanmar, from XII to XV centuries A.D. The aim is to study the tradition of Kaccāyana’s pāli grammar in Myanmar through its commentaries. From the historical point of view, this research intends to shed some light on the development of Theravāda Buddhist scholarship in Myanmar, the so called “Burmese Renaissance” during the Pagan Empire, its relationship with Sri Lanka’s Mahāvihāra tradition, the mutual influences between these two schools, the schisms within the Burmese Sangha from the XIII century A.D. onwards and finally the role of grammatical thought in the shaping of Burmese Theravāda Buddhism. For this purpose I will focus on a commentary on Kaccāyana-vyākaraṇa, the Suttaniddesa, written by Chapaṭa Saddhammajotipāla. Saddhammajotipāla was a learned scholar monk from Pagan who studied in Sri Lanka and afterwards came back to his country and became a reformist leader. He wrote on different topics, from Abhidhamma to Grammar. His date as the author of these works is disputed (XIII A.D. – XV A.D.), mainly because of some misunderstandings of the Burmese chronicles. It will be part of my research to address this problem as well.