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Peyvand Firouzeh

PhD student, Persian Studies


I completed my BA (2004) and MA (2007) in architecture at the University of Art in Tehran.  After having worked as a teaching assistant in the same institution and as an architect, I came to Cambridge in 2010 to do an MPhil in History of Art and Architecture. During the course of my MPhil, which was jointly supervised by Prof Deborah Howard (History of Architecture) and Dr Van Ruymbeke at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, I wrote on representations of architectural perception in geographical treatises and travelogues of 11th and 12th-century Iran.

Research Interests

Research Interests

Art and architecture of Islamicate societies in general, and Persianate societies in particular; patronage of art and architecture; patronage of Sufism; waqf (Islamic charitable endowment) studies; epigraphical studies.

Key Publications

Publications and Conference Papers

“Patronage of Sufi Architecture under the Timurids in central Iran and Greater Khurasan: Reasons, Patterns, and Differences”, Proceedings of Identities and Islam Symposium, University of Southampton, forthcoming (2014).

“The Dual Identity of the Kirmānī Sufis in the Deccan; Architecture of the Ni’matullāhīs in Iran and its links with India”, 32. Deutsche Orientalistentag, Münster, September 2013.

“Indian Money, Iranian Architecture; Patronage of the Ni’matullāhī Sufi Order by the Bahmanīs of the Deccan”, ASPS Convention, Sarajevo, September 2013.

“The Ni’matullāhī order’s Architecture: Patronage under the Timurids, the Bahmanids, and the Safavids; A Comparative Perspective”, Lecture at Mondes iranien et indien, Paris, June 2013.

“Mahan and Taft: Patronage of Ni’matullāhī Khanaqāh Complexes in the Timurid and Early Safavid Periods”, Symposia Iranica, University of St Andrews, April 2013

“Al-Muqaddasi’s Best Division in the Knowledge of the Regions and Architectural History in tenth-century Iran”, 7th European Conference of Iranian Studies (ECIS7), Cracow, September 2011.

“Narratives of Nasir Khusraw; On History of the Built-environment in Early Medieval Cities on the Edge”, St. Andrews Journal of Art History, Museum, and Gallery Studies, Summer 2011, pp.89-98.