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Russ Glenn

Russ  Glenn

PhD Student, Chinese Studies


I graduated magna cum laude from Brown University (BA '04) with a double major in International Relations and Environmental Studies. Specific undergraduate work included the role of water in spurring Middle Eastern conflict and environmental degradation in China as a result of the "Go West" project. At Cambridge I first pursued a Masters in Oriental Studies (MPhil, 05), focusing on the failure of international and institutional pressure to institute an intellectual property regime in China, and examining how an indigenous conception of IP may succeed instead.

Subject groups/Research projects

Chinese Studies:

Research Interests

Current Research

My doctoral work focuses on oil under the topic: No Blood for Oil: The strategic implications of increased Chinese oil demand on the Sino-US relationship and the Oil Peace Paradox. Specifically, I break down the role of oil into the military and economic aspects of supply security, and interrogate the ability of China to successfully achieve oil security through either a strategic or market-oriented approach.


Sino-US relations, Grand Strategy, Energy Security, Oil and Natural Gas development and exploitation, Security issues including maritime, military and covert. Also interested in military history, Chinese, and East-Asian history. Outside of academia I have been a keen coach, competitor and coxswain in rowing for the past 11 years at Cambridge and at Brown, and have also boxed for Cambridge.

Key Publications

China Postgraduate Network Conference. "No Blood for Oil: Why China and the United States will work cooperatively to ensure oil security, part one: hard power limits and mutual insecurity." (also included a similarly titled Conference Paper)

"Combined-Arms tactics of the Macedonian Military" (Brown Classical Journal, Volume 16, Brown University; 2004)