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Alastair Gornall

Alastair Gornall

PhD Student, Indian Studies

Subject groups/Research projects

Indian Studies:

Research Interests

Current Research

Grammar and Buddhism in 12th Century Sri Lanka

My research focuses on a critical analysis of the Sanskrit and Pali grammars of the Cāndra grammatical school written in 12th century Sri Lanka. In particular, I focus on the developments and adaptations of grammatical theory present in this wave of scholarship. Alongside philological concerns, I also explore how the grammatical texts written by the Buddhist sects of this period interacted with the development of literary cultures and religious communities.


Moggallāna-vyākaraṇa, Cāndra-vyākaraṇa, 12th century Sri Lanka, Pali, Sanskrit, Sinhala, Buddhism, philosophies of language, literary theory, Turkish.