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Dr Shai Heijmans

Rabbinic Hebrew; Biblical Hebrew and its vocalisation systems; Jewish Aramaic

AHRC Research Associate in Biblical and Rabbinic Hebrew

Office Phone: 012233 35134


2005 – MA, Faculty of Humanities. MA dissertation: Morphology of the Aramaic Dialect of the Palestinian Talmud According to Genizah Fragments.

2013 – PhD, Faculty of Humanities. PhD dissertation: Greek and Latin Loanwords in the Mishnah: Lexicon and Phonology.

Subject groups/Research projects

Hebrew & Semitic Studies:

Research Interests

  • Rabbinic Hebrew
  • Biblical Hebrew and its vocalisation systems
  • Jewish Aramaic

Other Professional Activities

Convenor of the Rabbinic Hebrew Workshop, July 2016.

Member of the International Organisation for Targumic Studies.

Key Publications


  • Lexicon of the Greek Loanwords in the Mishna (in preparation, an English translation of my PhD dissertation; to be published in Brill’s series SJHC [שי היימנס, המילים השאולות מיוונית ומלטינית במשנה]).
  • The Mishnah According to Codex Kaufmann: A Diplomatic Edition (in preperation; AHRC funded project).


  • “The shewa in the first of two identical letters and the Compound Babylonian vocalisation”, in: “Vidro, N., R. Vollandt, E.M. Wagner, J. Olszowy-Schlanger (eds), Studies in Semitic Linguistics and Manuscripts, Uppsala: University of Uppsala Press 2018
  • “Babylonian Vocalization” in: S. E. Fassberg and R. Garr (eds.), Handbook of Biblical Hebrew, Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns 2016, pp. 133-145
  • “A Remark on the form of Greek Loanwords in the Targum”, Aramaic Studies 12 (2014), pp. 27-31
  • The articles “Palestinian Vocalization”, “Palestino-Tiberian Vocalization” “Greek Loanwords”, “Manuscripts of the Mishna” and “Vocalization of Rabbinic Hebrew” in G. Khan (ed.), The Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics, Brill 2013
  • “About the ‘Unreliability’ of the Vocalization of Western Targum-Manuscripts”, Aramaic Studies 9 (2011), pp. 279-289 
  • “A Note on the Rafeh Sign in the Kaufmann Mishna Codex” (in Hebrew), Leshonenu 69 (2007), pp. 397-398 
  • “Studies in the Linguistic Tradition of Spanish Jews Before the Expulsion” (Review Article, in Hebrew), Leshonenu La’am 54 (2004), pp. 51-53