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Jade Heyman

MPhil Student in Japanese Studies


Following a typical academic path in France, through classe préparatoire HEC and Grande Ecole (Kedge Business School), I completed a Master’s Degree in general management with academic distinction in 2017.  With firm interests in Japanese Literature and a specialization in Publishing, I investigated the Murakami Haruki phenomenon in French publishing for my Master thesis. I first took a beginner’s class in Japanese during my first year in Business School and kept studying on my own until I could travel to Japan, and attend a Language School for a term in Tokyo. This year, I am doing an MPhil in Japanese Studies at the University of Cambridge thanks to the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation Award and the Japan and the World Scholarship.

Subject groups/Research projects

Japanese Studies:

Research Interests

Japanese Literature since Edo period, with a focus on Contemporary Literature and the History of Publishing. I work with a multi-disciplinary approach, both literary and based on the business structure of publishing. I intend to investigate factors influencing the publishing success of contemporary Japanese writers in Europe: intrinsic factors within the work of fiction, and extrinsic factors such as the publishing strategies in receiving countries, editing and translation processes, marketing and public image of the author.  Through this, I attempt to question the perception of Japan in the West and how Japanese identity and culture in transmitted to us through contemporary literature.

In the framework of the MPhil this year, I work on refining my research methodology on the case of Yoshimoto Banana, an emblematic figure of contemporary novelists from Japan who captured a worldwide audience, and the unique story of the import of her fictions in Europe (starting in Italy).

Other Professional Activities

Work experiences and international opportunities have shaped my skills and strengthened my research project all along my academic path. I learned to love investigating and writing through journalism and publishing, and I acquired invaluable skills by working for a daily newspaper (2 months, 2014), specialised magazines (6 months, 2015), and a Think Tank’s geopolitical periodic (5 months, 2015-2016). I discovered the academic environment in the UK with an internship in a French Institution in Oxford (6 months, 2016) where I assisted the Director in all her missions and taught French to children.