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Man Tak Kwok

Graduate Student in Chinese Studies


From 2006 to 2011, I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the Department of History, New Asia College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Both of my theses focused on political and economic institutions in early China. Before starting my PhD studies here in 2012 with funding from the Cambridge International Scholarship, I worked as a research assistant in the Centre for the Comparative Study of Antiquity, CUHK.

Subject groups/Research projects

Chinese Studies:

Research Interests

My current research is concerns the Confucian apocrypha. From my understanding, this term has often been used to refer to two different concepts: chen (prognostication) and wei (weft books). I intend to differentiate between them and focus on the textual history of the latter in traditional China.

Key Publications

Forthcoming   “Review: Zhuge Liang: Strategy, Achievements and Writings by Ralph D. Sawyer & Mei-chün Sawyer”, in Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society.
2011              “A Study on Sun-Wu’s Agricultural Colony System” , MPhil. diss., The Chinese University of Hong Kong. (Chinese)
2011              “New Asia’s Department of Biology in the ‘Farm Road Era’.” New Asia Life Monthly 38: 9. (Chinese)
2011              “Review: Huaguo Piaoling: Lengzhan Shiqi Zhimindi de Xinya Shuyuan (Fading Flowers and Falling Fruits: New Asia College in the Cold War Colony, with English translation titled Confucianism, Colonialism, and the Cold War: Chinese Cultural Education at Hong Kong's New Asia College) by Chou Ai-ling”, in New Asia Life Monthly 38: 7. (Chinese)
2010              “Review: International Conference on Institutions and Social Order in the Han Empire, May 2010, The Chinese University of Hong Kong ” in Trends of Recent Researches on the History of China 383. (Chinese)
2009              “Brief History of New Asia College,” in Six Decades of Endeavour: A Pictorial History of New Asia College. Hong Kong: New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. (Chinese & English)