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Anna Melkina

Anna Melkina

MPhil Student in Japanese Studies


I received my BA and first masters degree from the Moscow State University of International Relations and spent some time in Japan doing language exchange at the University of Shizuoka and research at Kyoto Sangyo University. Trained in Interdisciplinary Area Studies, I have done various topics ranging from the role of Russian Orthodox Church in East Asia to the economic integration in the Asia-Pacific, but decided to focus on the issues of colonial past and historical disputes between Japan and Korea. I received the Sasakawa Foundation scholarship to study at Cambridge and am currently looking into Japan’s relations with  Korea in 1894-1910.

Subject groups/Research projects

Japanese Studies:

Research Interests

Current research topic: Japan’s success in competition with Russia on the Korean Peninsula in 1894-1910

Modern and Contemporary History of Japan, Japan-Korea Relations,  Japanese imperialism, Japan-Russia Relations, Russian 'soft power' in East Asia in 19-21 centuries, Economic integration in the Asia Pacific

Other Professional Activities

Apart from my main research and studies I am doing ballet at Cambridge University Ballet Club and have so far participated in various projects in Cambridge both as dancer and choreographer.
I have a significant experience as a freelance translator and interpreter, with my main working languages being Russian, English and Japanese

Key Publications


Full text:

2015 The Problem of Contradictions Between Korea and Japan on the Interpretation of History. A View from Japan/  Current problems of Contemporary Japan. Issue No. 29. – Moscow, Institute of Far Eastern Studies of Russian Academy of Science, 2015. – pp. 172-188 ISBN 978-5-8381-0301-7

Full text: (pp. 172-189)

Other Publications

2017 Second World War in Foreign History Schoolbooks: Anthology/ ed. by O.I. Reschikov and M.S. Slonskaya – Moscow, 2017 – 152 pp.Chapter 1. The U.S. ( translation of  World History: The Modern Era by Elisabeth Gaynor Esler, New Jersey Edition, 2007 – pp. 562-576) Chapter 12. Japan (translation of   B. Kato, Sh. Ichikawa, I. Ishi ‘Easy History of Japan in Q&A’, Part 3 ‘From the last years of Tokugawa Shogunat  - to contemporary history’ – 1st edition, 1992. – Chapters 16 -17)

2016 Should There Be Any More Apologies? The Role of Apologies for the Japanese Crimes During WWII in Japan's Relations with the Countries of East Asia/ The proceedings III International Scientific Conference of Young Orientalists, Institute of Far Eastern Studies,  November 2015 – Moscow: IFES-RAS 2016. – 296 p. – pp. 81-87

2014 “The role of Orthodoxy as a means of  Russian “Soft Power” in Japan in the 19-20 centuries” Collection of works of the participants of the 8th and 9th Annuak Conferences “Religion.Culture.Humankind”; Far East Federal University Publishing, 2014 (pp. 160-161) ISBN 978-5-7444-3444-1

2014 “The role of Orthodoxy as a means of  Russian “Soft Power” in Japan. The history and the current development prospects” Collection of works of the participants of the 5th Annual Conference of Japanese Studies students and young researches “A New Look”, October 12-13, 2013,  Moscow, 2014  (pp. 68-73) ISBN: 978-5-600-00771-0