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Nanase Shirota

Nanase Shirota

PhD Student in Japanese Studies


Nanase is a PhD student working under the supervision of Dr. Brigitte Steger. She received her bachelor's degree from Keio University and her master's degrees from Keio University and the University of Glasgow. Her main research interests focus on listening, listening behaviour, interactive communication and oral history. She worked to publish several books related to monologue style oral history (kikikaki) and has taught these skills in Japan.

Subject groups/Research projects

Japanese Studies:

Research Interests

Nanase's PhD research project is an ethnographic investigation of listening behaviour in Japan to offer a better understanding of human interaction and the dynamics of Japanese communication. She aim to analyse the various expressions, such as body languages and verbal responses, and the tacit rules of listening in face-to-face communication and compare occupational listeners and listeners in everyday situations.

She is also working in Gender Research Group and Self-help Book Analysis Group in Japanese Studies.


Other Professional Activities

She has taught monologue style oral history (kikikaki). (cf. Kikikaki koushienHisaichi no kikikaki 101)


Other Publications

Tokyo Foundation and NPO Kyōzon no mori network (2012) Hisaichi no Kikikaki 101 [The oral history of the disaster-stricken area of East Japan Tsunami.101]” pp16-22, pp236-242, pp243-249, pp569-576, pp577-583.

Nanase Shirota and Nahoko Yoshino (2012). Listening and Documenting ‘Kikikaki’: A Tool for Sharing Wisdom for Sustainable Societies. Secretariat of the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS) in cooperation with the NPO Kyozon-no-mori Network and the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan.

(2002). Naraken kawakamimura, Sugi no tanetori 50 nen, Sugimoto Mitsuru san. [Mr. Sugimoto Mitsuru collecting Cedar’s seeds for 50 years in the Kawakami village, Nara prefecture.]  in (2006) Mori no Meijin Monogatari [Forest virtuoso story.] ASAHI ECO BOOK pp26-38.

Hitonomori project (2004) Mori no hito, hito no mori [People of forest, forest of people] Wedge. pp86-107, pp140-165.

(2002) Naraken kawakamimura, Sugi no tanetori 50 nen, Sugimoto Mitsuru san. [Mr. Sugimoto Mitsuru collecting Cedar’s seeds for 50 years in the Kawakami village, Nara prefecture.] in (2003) Daiitukai Morino kikikaki koushien [The first miscellany of oral history works on forestry and nature jobs] pp117-121, Ministry of Culture and Technology and Forestry Agency.

Radio & TV

BS Nittele/Telecomstaff (26/02/2012). Documentary Higashi nihon daishinsai yottuno kioku (series 3) Kikikaki ga tumugu omoi [The four memories of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (3) Voices and stories, listened and recorded by an oral history project.] Broadcasted by BS Nittele. (15:30~16:15)

Bunka Hōso Radio (11/08/2011) Talk show: Ito Seiko Green Festa (Public recording in the forum of 10th  Morino Kikikaki Koushien) (16:10~)

TBS Radio (7/11/2006) 2006 THINK GREEN Aki Tokubetu-bangumi Morino kuni Nippon saihakken! Koukousei tachi no Mori no kikikaku Kōhien. [2006 Think Green Autumn, special program; Rediscovery of Japan, Kikikaki Kōshien. ] (20:00~)

NHK Radio (4/2003). NHK Doyō Journal Koukousei ga manabu Nippon no mori. [NHK Saturday Journal Japanese Forests,  what high school students leant. ] (40 minutes)


Sankei Shinbun (Morning) (28/09/2011), p25, about Kikikaki Kōshien and writing life stories. 

17 local papers (Kawakita Shinbun, Yamanashi Shinbun etc.) in the section ‘People’ (ひと) (07/07/2006) about conducting the 3rd Children's Parliament. Interviewed by Kyōdo News Service.

Asahi Shimbun (Morning) (28/08/2004) in the section ‘Watashi no Shiten’ (私の視点, Resaders’ column) about conducting the Children's Parliament. (This article was also used as the admission office entrance examination of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in 2005.)

10 local papers in the section ‘People’ (ひと) (04/2004) about conducting the 1st Children's Parliament. Interviewed by Kyōdo News Service.

18 local paper in the section ‘Youth.JP’ (青春.JP) (04/2003~)  about writing life stories. Interviewed by Kyōdo News Service.


Volo (12/2011) No.471, pp40-41,  articel ‘Th 10th Anniversary Kikikaki Kōshien. 

Nikkei Business Associe (67/2011) p21, about volunteering in refugee shelters in Tōhoku area.

Kagaku Yomimono Kenkyūkai (12/2003~) 4 series about the interviewing C.W. Nicol.