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Woramon Prawatmuang

Woramon Prawatmuang

PhD Student, Chinese Studies


Originally from Thailand, I received higher education in China before moving to Cambridge. My educational background includes:

2010 - 2013 M.A. in Linguistics (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language), Peking University
2006 - 2010 B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University

Subject groups/Research projects

Chinese Studies:

Research Interests

My research interest includes second language acquisition, language education, and Chinese and Thai linguistics.

My other interests include technology, music and teaching. I like to apply new technology to academic research and language teaching. During my internship at China Radio International  in 2011, I co-hosted a music program where we taught Chinese to the Thai audience through song lyrics.


Key Publications

(2015) "A Euclidean distance analysis of Thai learners’ L2 Chinese tones". In Guo, Z., Zheng, B. (eds.) Applied Chinese Language Studies VI: Selected Papers from the British Chinese Language Teaching Society 2014 International Conference. London: Sinolingua London Ltd.

(2014, with Yang Zhao). "Acquisition of the Existential Usage of Chinese Wh-Words by Thai Speakers" (泰语母语者汉语疑问代词虚指用法习得研究), Chinese teaching in the world (2): 230-241. (in Chinese)

(2013). "Comparison of the Durations of Chinese and Thai Syllable-Initial Consonants with a Discussion on the Nature of Thai Affricates (汉语和泰语辅音声母音长对比——兼谈泰语"塞擦音"性质问题)", Journal of Yunnan Normal University (1): 85-92. (in Chinese)

(2013, with Kong Ling-yue). "Retrieval and use of spoken lexical chunks of Chinese by advanced learners of Chinese" (高级汉语学习者汉语口语语块提取运用研究)Journal of Yunnan Normal University 11(3): 8-15. (in Chinese)

(2012). "An Evaluation of the Phonetics Section in Taiguoren Xue Hanyu and Its Teaching (评《泰国人学汉语》语音教学部分)", Chinese Language and Globalization Studies (1): 85-96. (in Chinese)

(2012). "The Predictability of Contrastive Analysis on Interlingual Transfer: Data from Thai learners' Chinese Disyllabic Tonal Coarticulation (对比分析法对语际迁移的预测能力——以泰国学习者的汉语双音节声调协同发音为例)", Proceedings of the 5th Beijing Graduate Forum on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (第五届北京地区对外汉语教学研究生学术论坛), Beijing, 12 May 2012. (in Chinese)