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Giulio Pugliese

Giulio Pugliese

PhD Student, East Asian Studies


After a stint studying Economics at Milan's Bocconi University, I resolved to follow my penchant for East Asian Studies and International Relations, earning a Laurea (B.A.) in Political Science at the University of Naples "L'Orientale" (cum laude). I have spent one academic year in Tokyo's Sophia University (上智大学) as the only undergraduate student recipient of a university scholarship to study and conduct field research in a Japanese institution. Afterwards, I obtained an M.A. in International Relations and International Economics (concentrating on East Asian Studies) at the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University, graduating with Honors and Distinction. I have worked in Japan for a total of approximately three years. I interned at Kyodo News and worked for the London office of Hokkaido Shinbun. I was a full-time “foreign civil servant” in Azuchi and Omihachiman City Hall, where I was Coordinator for International Relations through the JET Programme. More recently I translated numerous essays from Japanese to English for publication in policy and academic outlets, and worked as a freelance researcher for Mitsubishi Research Institute on arms exports regulations of five western countries for a study commissioned by Japan's Ministry of Economics Trade and Industry (METI).

Subject groups/Research projects

Japanese Studies:

Research Interests

For my Ph.D., under the supervision of Dr. Swenson-Wright, I am working on contemporary Sino-Japanese and Japan-US relations. I am interested in the international politics and economics of North East Asia, the role played by the US in the region, and IR theory.

Key Publications

"The Resurgence of Nationalism in China and Japan: A Comparative Analysis." Orientalia Parthenopea, Vol.X, Naples: Orientalia Editrice, 2009. pp.209-222

"The U.S.-Japan-China Strategic Triangle: Ripe for Cooperation?" in The 2009 Yearbook on U.S.-Japan Relations, The Edwin Reischauer Centre for East Asian Studies, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS, Washington, DC. Autumn 2009

Above article translated into Japanese: "米国・日本・中国の戦略的互恵関係協力にたる成熟度は?" in2009nen no Nichi-Bei kankei – Reishawā sentā, Jonzu Hopukinzu daigaku kōtō kokusai mondai kenkyūjo, Tōkyō, 2009, pp. 11-19. BN14107074

"日本は軸足をおくべきは、米国?中国?" [What ought to be Japan's Pivot? The U.S. or China?] -Ronald Dore, Giulio Pugliese, and Ezra Vogel, 中央公論, Chūō Kōron Shinsha, Tōkyō, 128(6), 2012, pp.82-92 [written in Japanese]

"海洋国家日本の構想" – Translation from Japanese to English of two chapters of collection of essays by Prof. Kōsaka Masataka, published by Chūkō Kurasshikkusu, Tōkyō, Chūō Kōron Shinsha, 2008 – publication expected in 2014 in edited book by Prof.Paul Midford, Bloomsbury ed.

"Giappone: il ritorno di Abe" [Japan: Abe's Comeback] in Asia Maior 2013: Il drago cinese e l'aquila americana sullo scacchiere asiatico (The Chinese Dragon and the U.S. Eagle in the Asian Chessboard), edited by Michelguglielmo Torri and Nicola Mocci, Bologna: Emil di Odoya, 2014, pp.409-444.

Other Publications

Selected Conference Papers

07/2013 "戦略的互恵関係の時代における日本の対中政策" [Japan's China policy in an age of Strategic, Mutually Beneficial Relations] – 国際政治史研究会, Keiō University, Tokyo

11/2012 "China policy and four prime ministers: 2006-2010‏" – Shaken Ph.D. workshop, Tokyo University

09/2012 "Fukuda's China policy" – Post-graduate Workshop on Sino-Japanese Relations, University of Leeds

07/2012 "Between a bedrock and a hard place: Japanese government policy towards the PRC and the US" – ECPR 2012 Graduate Conference, Jacobs University, Bremen

06/2012 "Japanese leaders and Sino-Japanese relations: from Koizumi to Abe" – China's War with Japan brownbag seminar, Oxford University.

03/2012 "Leaders behind Japan's China policy: the case of Abe Shinzō and Yachi Shōtarō" – NAJS 2012 Conference, Gothenburg University, Sweden. 

01/2010 "欧州とイタリアに於いての不景気の見通しとその対策" [Prospects of recession in Europe and Italy, and possible remedies] – Azuchi-Ōmihachiman Chamber of Commerce

08/2008 "Japan's Foreign Policy Towards China, a validation of the neo-classical realist paradigm?" –Political and Economic Issues in Contemporary Japan. MANABU, Waseda University, Tokyo