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Mr. Rishi Rajpopat

Mr. Rishi Rajpopat

PhD Student in Sanskrit Linguistics


BA Economics Honors (with Minors in Politics and Ancient Indian History), St. Xavier's College - Autonomous, Mumbai, 2013-16

MSt Oriental Studies (Sanskrit Grammatical Tradition), University of Oxford, 2016-17

Subject groups/Research projects

Indian Studies:

Research Interests

I study the Aṣṭādhyāyī of Pāṇini, a linguistic corpus comprising 4000 rules, which can help derive any word of classical Sanskrit. Most rules of this text deal directly with the morphology and phonology of Sanskrit (alongside others which deal directly or indirectly with syntax and semantics as well). The goal of my PhD is to determine exactly how Pāṇini wanted us to resolve (mainly) morpho-phonological rule conflict, and to understand the larger system within which such rule interaction takes place.

Other Professional Activities

Indo-Aryan Historical Linguistics (and its relationship with Indo-Persian Language contact in Medieval India)

Language pedagogy (and its influence of general acquisition and intelligence)

Hindustani classical vocals (and different semi-classical genres)

Musical compositions as languages (Studying North-Indian classical music through the lens of theoretical linguistics)

Other general interests:

Computational Linguistics, Mathematics, Cooking, Psychology, and Meditation