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Joseph Lewis Reid

Joseph Lewis Reid

MPhil Student in Chinese Studies


I began my studies at the University of Edinburgh, completing my undergraduate MA there in May, 2017. My research at Edinburgh involved the works of Yu Dafu and his expressions of masculinity.

Subject groups/Research projects

Chinese Studies:

Research Interests

Primarily interested in performances of masculinities in Chinese literature, particularly in the early Republican period. My work engages with the developments of the role of women, the effects of Western and Japanese imperialism, and literary culture, to better understand how and why Chinese men produced their literature. My research will argue that the Chinese literature, written by men, performs an expected masculinity in their particular societal contexts, and simultaneously serve as a tool to legitimise the educated male in Republican Chinese society.

Other Professional Activities

I am a voluntary Mandarin Chinese tutor at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, providing weekly lessons at the HSK 1/2 level.

Key Publications

Reid, Joseph L. ‘Male Desire in the Republic: Fragile Masculinities in the Works of Yu Dafu and Mu Shiying’. WAGIC (Women and Gender in China). Accessed 19 June 2018.