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L. Ivan Triola

PhD Student in Japanese Studies


In 2014 I completed my BA in Comparative Studies at L'Orientale University of Naples, focusing on Japan and East Asia, with a thesis on the transplant and adaptation of Buddhism in the UK. After one year in Japan at Sophia University, I decided to do my MA abroad. Embarking on a two-year master's degree in Japanese studies at Leiden University, I spent another academic year in Japan at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies in 2015. The main aim was to collect material for my thesis  (Deguchi Nao’s kamigakari as foundation for charisma and ritual efficiency) and improve my academic Japanese along the way.
After graduation, in 2017 I did some pre-doctoral research at The University of Tokyo for one term. 
My PhD research, under the supervision of Prof. Mikael Adolphson, focuses on the role of charisma in the development of New Japanese Religions, especially on movements whose origin can be traced back to Ōmoto-kyō.

Subject groups/Research projects

Japanese Studies: