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Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner


Dr Wagner graduated in 2001 with a first class Magistra Artium degree in Semitic Philology, Islamic Studies and Indo-European Studies from the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena/Germany. During her studies, she spent a year as a Visiting Student at the Victoria University of Manchester, and was involved in the editing and publication of the JBVO and EFAH series.

After completing her Master's degree, she worked on a joint project with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (funded by the German-Israeli Foundation) on Yiddish syntax before completing a PhD in 2007 at the University of Cambridge about the language of mediaeval Judaeo-Arabic letters under the supervision of Prof Geoffrey Khan. After six years as a Research Associate at the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit, she is now a Senior Research Fellow at the Woolf Institute while continuing her work in the Genizah Research Unit on a part-time basis.

Subject groups/Research projects

Hebrew & Semitic Studies:

Research Interests

Most of my research is centred around the manuscripts of the Cairo Genizah, with a strong focus on historical linguistics and sociolinguistics of Arabic, in particular of Judaeo-Arabic. I am also very interested in scribal culture and education, and in language registers, in particular those written by merchants. I organised conferences on these topics entitled 'Scribes as agents of language change', which has resulted in themed volume, and 'Merchants of innovation. The languages of traders'.

I am currently working on various books. The first concerns 'Late Judaeo-Arabic correspondence of Ottoman traders', and is written together with Prof Geoffrey Khan. With my colleague Dotan Arad (Bar Ilan University), a historian specialising in the Mamluk period, I am currently preparing an edition of mercantile letters from 15th-century Alexandria, which are part of the manuscript collections in the Bodleian. The title of this work will be 'Wisdom and greatness in one place: the 15th-c. Alexandrian trader Moses Ben Judah and his circle'. My third project involves research on Muslim-Jewish relations in Medieval Spain, and will result in the publication of a number of Genizah fragments relating to Spain, in addition to a collection of articles based talks given during a lecture cycle in Madrid in 2012. This volume is edited together with Maria Angeles Gallego (CSIC Madrid), and explores the life of Jews in Spain under Muslim rule as reflected in Genizah sources. My fourth publication is a themed volume, following a conference I organised on traders' languages. This book will seek to place trade languages within a wider sociolinguistic context and examine in depth their effect on standard varieties of a large number of different languages.

Key Publications


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2013 'Challenges of Multiglossia: the emergence of substandard Judaeo-Arabic registers'. In: Esther-Miriam Wagner, Ben Outhwaite and Bettina Beinhoff (eds.), Scribes as Agents of Language Change, 259-273. Berlin: de Gruyter-Mouton.

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