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Dr Kristin H. Williams

Subject groups/Research projects

Japanese Studies:

Key Publications

Children in an Early Red Book: Cuckoo of Mt. Gratis,” in Childhood in Japanese History. Concepts and Experiences / Kindheit in der japanischen Geschichte. Vorstellungen und Erfahrungen, edited by Michael Kinski, Eike Großmann, and Harald Salomon (Harrassowitz, 2016).

Translation: “The Japan-U.S Textile Negotiation” and “From the Plaza Accord to the Collapse of the Bubble Economy” in Politics and Power in 20th Century Japan: The Reminiscences of Miyazawa Kiichi, translated by Timothy S. George, et al.  (Bloomsbury, 2015).

Visualizing the Child: Japanese Children's Literature in the Age of Woodblock Print, 1678–1888,” PhD dissertation, Harvard University, 2012.

Crisscrossed Confucianism: Images of Edo, Japan, as a Virtuous Dystopia,” International Journal of Comic Art 9.1 (Spring 2007): 119-134.

Other Publications

Translation: Two sections in Kōsaka Masataka Japan as a Maritime Power, translated by Paul Midford, et al. (Bloomsbury, forthcoming).

"A review of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (Boston, Massachusetts, United States)," Dissertation Reviews (Mar. 30, 2016).

“A review of Sharebon and the Courtesans: A Phase of Edo Aesthetics as the Dispersal of Ideology, by Nahoko Fukushima,” Dissertation Reviews (Feb. 25, 2014).

“Pages of Prints: A Rare Display of Japanese Books,” Art New England, 34.4 (Jul. / Aug. 2013): 38-40.