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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies



Chinese dictionary, good for example sentences which are translated to English.

China Digital Library (中华数字书苑)

Accessible from CAM DOMAIN only. 

The China Digital Library comprises five full text databases: 

  1. EBook Database comprising: 电子图书 (Ebooks) (144,670 titles); 国学要览 (Ancient Books) (6,294 titles); Beijing Review (1958-2008) (2,325 issues)
  2. Newspaper Database (10 titles)
  3. Reference Database (10 titles)
  4. Yearbook Database (10 titles)
  5. Fine Arts Database (1 category)

You will be promted to download a software to be able to access the database. We have downloaded this software on all computers in the Photocopy Room of the Library.

China Education and Research Network

Chinese ANcient Texts (CHANT)

Accessible from machines with IP addresses within the domain. For machines outside the University members may use their RAVEN password to login.  

The databases, compiled under the Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong since 1988, give full-text access (single words, phrases and sentence patterns) to all traditional texts from the Pre-Han (pre 220AD) period up to the Six Dynasties (581 AD) (over 30 million characters.) During compilation, different versions of the same texts were carefully compared, and modern punctuation was added. Comparisons with other versions, parallel passages, as well as citations found in Leishu are shown in footnotes. CHANT also includes databases of excavated wood/bamboo and silk scripts (the Zhu-jian-bo shu database), oracular inscriptions (the Jiaguwen database, and bronze inscriptions (Jinwen). Includes a database of extant Chinese encyclopedias (Leishu).

Chinese History Timeline

Useful reference tool for looking up brief description and map of each dynasty, dates and the Chinese characters of dynasties and emperors.

Chinese Text Project

A web-based e-text system designed to present ancient Chinese texts, particularly those relating to Chinese philosophy.  Character look-up function; dictionary; title and full-text search function. Searchable in simplified and traditional Chinese and in English. Contains English translation of some texts.


The East and Southeast Asia Virtual Library developed by the East Asia Department of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin and its project partners. It offers access to research information in East and Southeast Asian studies. Main features include meta-search of more than 16 library catalogues in Western and Asian languages; 'Databases' provides access to selected databases (articles) which are subject to licence (users have to register with CrossAsia); 'Online Guide East Asia': a collection of links to electronic resources of interest to East and South Asian Studies; 'Digital Collection': portal to digitised sources of special collection area of the Staadsbibliothek in Berlin.

Duxiu 读秀中文学术搜索

Accessible from machines with IP addresses within the domain. For machines outside the University members must use their RAVEN password to login.

Duxiu is a huge content-based database with very flexible searches (full-text, books, articles, theses, web pages, newspapers). Contains over 2 million full-text Chinese e-books and many of the articles. Comprehensive user instuctions in English available from Princeton University East Asian Library.

Harvard University Libraries

Harvard University library has various resources which may be of interest to our students, including their own research guides with reccomended materials. 

Internet Guide for Chinese Studies

Contains essential full text databases (classical and modern), digital research libraries such as the National Library of France and others, research papers and theses online. Searchable by keywords.


A Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionary. Good for examples/usage. Includes 'Instant Grammar Checker' to improve your writing.


Chinese-English/English-Chinese dictionary designed to help students in their study of Chinese language and reading Chinese online. Here you can add Mandarin pronunciation to any Chinese text as either Hanyu Pinyin, often called simply Pinyin, Zhuyin Fuhao also known as Bopomofo or other, less known Chinese phonetic systems. You can use both Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters as long as you don't mix them inside one word.  Paste in Chinese text to get character-by-character Pinyin. Hover over for definitions or print out a vocab list of HSK vocab.

MDGB Dictionary

Searchable in simplified or traditional characters. You can also draw the characters you would like to look up by yourself. The character dictionary contains information about single Chinese characters. Each entry in the character dictionary consists of a Chinese character, radical / stroke count, English definition, Mandarin pinyin pronunciation, Yale & Jyutping Cantonese pronunciation, simplified / traditional variants and cangjie.

Naver Dictionaries

Online multi-language dictionaries. Chinese-Korean/Korean-Chinese; Japanese-korean/Korean-Japanese; English-Korean/Korean-English etc. Also includes character recognition.


Free add-on for Firefox and Chrome, with both Chinese and Japanese versions availiable. Once downloaded, an icon will appear on the top right-hand corner of your desktop which you can activate by one click each time you would like to read something from a Chinese/Japanese website. Hover over any Chinese/Japanese characters on the Internet and its English meaning and Chinese/Japanese reading will appear in a window.


This application offers free Chinese (Cantonese) dictionary, flashcard, and document reader software for smartphones and tablets. You can look up characters by drawing them on the screen of your device or by using your device’s camera. You can look up words by simply tapping on them. Very fast and well-supported.

Sinica Sinoweb (台湾经典人文学刊库)

Accessible from machines with IP addresses within the domain. 

It contains full-text searchable contents of the following academic journals.

中央研究院历史语言研究所集刊 (1928-)
中央研究院中国文哲研究集刊 (1991-)
中央研究院近代史研究所集刊 (1969-)
中央研究院近代中国妇女史研究 (1993-)
中央研究院口述历史期刊 (1989-)
中央研究院近代中国史研究通讯 (1986-)
中央研究院台湾人类学刊 (2003-)
中央研究院台湾史研究 (1994-)
汉学研究 (1983-)
思与言 (1963-)
食货月刊 (1971-88)
鹅湖学志 (1988-)
鹅湖月刊 (1975-)

Wade-Giles/Pinyin Conversion Tables


Contains Reuters news from China, Japan etc. 


Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionary consisting of more than 450 thousand translations. Here, you can type in your search query and the dictionary displays the result. Each result will show translations, usage examples and the Pinyin (translation into Latin script). Features also include pronunciation of Chinese words and the ability to search by drawing radicals.

Zhongwen Dictionary

Good dictionary for looking up traditional characters. Can search by radical. Also has etymology.