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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Cambridge Histories Online

RAVEN password is needed outside the Cambridge University network.

Titles include:

  • Cambridge History of Early Inner Asia
  • Cambridge History of India

Cambridge Sanskrit Manuscripts Project

The intellectual and religious traditions of South Asia as seen through the Sanskrit manuscript collections of the University Library, Cambridge.

Centre of South Asian Studies

The Centre of South Asian Studies (located in the Alison Richard Building on the Sidgwick Site) has a variety of resources that may be of use to our students, including large archives and further research advice. 

Columbia University Libraries - South Asia

The libraries of Columbia University contain a variety of resources that may be of interest to our students. They have also produced lists of suggested collections and online resources which may be of used. 


The East and Southeast Asia Virtual Library developed by the East Asia Department of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin and its project partners. It offers access to research information in East and Southeast Asian studies. Main features include meta-search of more than 16 library catalogues in Western and Asian languages; 'Databases' provides access to selected databases (articles) which are subject to licence (users have to register with CrossAsia); 'Online Guide East Asia': a collection of links to electronic resources of interest to East and South Asian Studies; 'Digital Collection': portal to digitised sources of special collection area of the Staadsbibliothek in Berlin.

Harvard University Libraries

Harvard University library has various resources which may be of interest to our students, including their own research guides with reccomended materials. 


Contains online resources for Indiological scholarship. The site includes SARIT (search and retrieval of Indic texts); archive of Indic e-texts and Indiological software; an archive of articles, papers, and other writings prtinent to Indiological studies; list of external websites & resources of value to Indological research.

John Smith Translations

Contains a variety of texts, fonts and other resources likely to be of interest to Indologists.

The Digital South Asia Library

Contains images with descriptions from India & Afghanistan.

The Pali Text Society