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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Preliminary Examination for Part I of the Oriental Studies Tripos

ARP.1: Arabic Composition and Grammar

ARP.2: Arabic Texts, 1

ARP.3: Arabic Texts, 2

ARP.4: Introduction to the History and Culture of the Middle East

PP.1: Persian Texts

PP.2: Persian Composition and Grammar

Oriental Studies Tripos Part I

IS.1: Arabic Language, 1

IS.2: Arabic Language, 2

IS.3: Middle Eastern and Islamic Literatures

IS.4: Arabic Literature, 1

IS.5: Persian Language, 1

IS.6: Persian Literary Texts

IS.7: Persian Literature, 1

IS.8: Middle Eastern and Islamic History, 1; The Formation of the Classical Islamist world

IS.9: Middle Eastern and Islamic History, 2; Persians and Turks - The Islamic Polity from the 9th to the 14th Centuries

IS.10: Middle Eastern and Islamic History, 3; The Middle East in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Oriental Studies Tripos Part II

AM.11: Aramaic Specified and Unspecified Texts, 2

H.11: Hebrew Texts, 2

H.14: Post-Biblical Jewish Texts

H.18: Hebrew Special Subject; History of the Hebrew Language

IS.11: Arabic Language, 3

IS.13: Middle Eastern and Islamic Culture; Human Rights and the Middle East

IS.14: Arabic Literature, 2

IS.15: Arabic Literature, 3; Modern Arabic Literature

IS.16: Persian Language, 2

IS.17: Persian Language, 3

IS.18: Persian Language, 2

IS.19: Persian Literature, 3

IS.20: Middle Eastern and Islamic History, 4; Religious Law and Society in Classical Islam

IS.22: Middle Eastern and Islamic History, 6; Identity and Politics in the Modern Middle East

IS.23: Middle Eastern and Islamic History, 7; Modern Turkey 1923-Today

Examination in Oriental Studies for the Degree of Master of Philosophy

H.1: Classical Hebrew Texts

IS.2: Middle Eastern Literature

IS.42: Islamic Thought and Institutions