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Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Middle Eastern Studies

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Tripos Part IA

MES.1: Elementary Arabic Language A

MES.2: Elementary Arabic Language B

MES.3: Elementary Persian Language

MES.5: Elementary Hebrew Language B

MES.6: Introduction to the history and culture of the Middle East

MES.7: Introduction to the contemporary Middle East: languages and literatures of the modern Middle East

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Tripos Part IB

MES.11: Intermediate Arabic Language

MES.12: Intermediate Persian Language

MES.13: Intermediate Hebrew Language

MES.14: Intermediate Literary Arabic

MES.16: Hebrew Literature/Culture (special topic)

MES.17: The formation of Islam

MES.18: Topics in Hebrew Studies

MES.19: The formation of the modern Middle East

MES.20: Themes in the anthropology of Islam


Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Tripos Part II

MES.31: Advanced Arabic Language

MES.32: Advanced Persian Language

MES.34: Advanced Literary Arabic

MES.37: History of the pre-modern Middle East: building empires: Mughals and Safavids on the brink of modernity

MES.38: History of the modern Middle East: religion, politics and modernity in the Islamic world

MES.39: Special subject in the pre-modern Middle East: Islamic Art and Architecture - patrons and collectors

MES.39: Image Booklet for MES.39

MES.41: Comparative Semitic linguistics

MES.43: Intermediate Hindi Language

Examination for Mphil in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

HEB.1: The Cairo Genizah: paleography and codicology

HEB.2: Genizah Genres: the poetry of Moshe Ibn Ezra

HEB.3: Genizah Languages: introduction to Classical Arabic