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Dr Adam Yuet Chau

CHAU Current Research Projects

CHAU Publications

A list of recent publications and academic presentations (summer of 2013 to the present) (updated on Oct 3, 2014)

CHAU Academic presentations and other scholarly activities

List of Reviews of CHAU 2006 <Miraculous Response: Doing Popular Religion in Contemporary China>

CHAU 2005 The politics of legitimation and the revival of popular religion

CHAU 2006 Youth cultural production in rural China

CHAU 2006 'Superstitious specialist households'?: The household idiom in Chinese religious practices

CHAU 2008 The sensorial production of the social

CHAU 2008 An awful mark: Symbolic violence and urban renewal in reform-era China

CHAU 2009 “做宗教”的模式 (Modalities of doing religion) (in Chinese)

CHAU 2010 Mao's travelling mangoes: Food as relic in revolutionary China

CHAU 2011 Modalities of doing religion and ritual polytropy: Evaluating the religious market model from the perspective of Chinese religious history

CHAU 2012 Efficacy, not confessionality: On ritual polytropy in China (in <Sharing the sacra: The politics and pragmatics of intercommunal relations around holy places>)

CHAU 2012 Script fundamentalism: The practice of cherishing written characters (lettered paper 惜字紙 ) in the age of literati decline and commercial revolution

CHAU 2012 Transnational Buddhist activists in the age of empires (in <Religious Internationals in the Modern World>)

CHAU 2012 Activistas Budistas Transnacionales en la Era de los Imperios

CHAU 2012 La channeling zone: Religion populaire, État local et rites de légitimation en Chine rurale à l’ère de la réforme

CHAU 2013 Religious subjectification: The practice of cherishing written characters and being a Ciji (Tzu Chi) person

CHAU 2013 Actants amassing (AA) (in <Sociality: New Directions>)

CHAU 2013 Actants amassing (AA): Beyond collective effervescence and the social (in <Durkheim in Dialogue: A Centenary Celebration of The Elementary Forms of Religious Life>)

CHAU 2014 Household sovereignty and religious subjectification: China and the Christian West compared

CHAU 2004 Hosting funerals and temple festivals Folk event productions in rural China

CHAU 2008 Review of Asian Ritual Systems

CHAU 2007 Review of Discovering Nature by Robert P. Weller

CHAU 2007 Review of The Sacred Village by Thomas D. Dubois

CHAU 2007 Review of Southern Fujian edited by TAN Chee-beng

CHAU 2007 Review of La vie entre soi by Adeline Herrou

CHAU 2003 Popular Religion in Shaanbei, North-Central China

2013 Discussion on popular religion and C K Yang's concept of 'diffused religion'

CHAU 2010 Household-based Ritual Service Providers (in Chinese)

CHAU 2012 做“善事”还是构建“善世”

CHAU 2013 Political awakening through the magical fruit The film 'Song of the Mango'