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MPhil Chinese Studies (Taught)

MPhil Chinese Studies (Taught) 

The Chinese Studies MPhil has two pathways. Within each pathway three of the papers must be studied; below are examples of papers which have been taught in the past. 

Pathway A: Modern and Contemporary Chinese Studies

  • Asia in Theory
  • Advanced Readings in Chinese
  • War and Modern China
  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
  • The Anthropology of China
  • China in the International Order
  • Chinese Linguistics

Pathway B: Pre-modern Chinese Studies

  • Classical and Literary Chinese Texts
  • Early China
  • Medieval China
  • Japanese for Sinologists 

Subject to approval by the Degree Committee, a student who has special needs in disciplinary or other kinds of training can use a course (paper) outside the Department or Faculty to serve as one of the option papers (which would be considered an alternative exercise).

Please note, papers may change and their availability depends upon student interest and the availability of teaching staff. Please contact a member of Chinese Studies teaching staff for the most up to date information on this course. 

Language Requirements

Applicants must already have good reading skills in the Chinese language, though a student can choose to enhance his or her skills in reading and interpreting texts specific to a particular topic (more on this below). For those whose interests are in pre-modern, medieval or early China, at least two years of experience of literary Chinese (文言文) is essential.

Please see the Entry Requirements page for English language requirements. 

Assessment Structure

  • The three compulsory pathway papers are worth a total of 50% of the overall grade, and are assessed either by written examinations or a 5,000-word essay.
  • The research element is a 15,000-word dissertation (also worth 50% of the overall grade), to be submitted no later than mid-August following the start of the course. 

To apply, see the University Admissions pages