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MPhil Chinese Studies (Research)

MPhil Chinese Studies (By Research) 

An MPhil by research suits those graduate students who have specific research interests and who already possess some research training.

Past MPhil dissertations in Chinese Studies span modern and pre-modern history, literature, the dramatic arts, social sciences and linguistics. They have included: 

  • Zhaoling: the spatial and textual analysis of a seventh century Tang imperial cemetery
  • The role of the horse in the economy of the Liao dynasty
  • Women and the CCP: The Impact and Implementation of the Divorce Law, 1930-1950
  • The Cultural Revolution in Hong Kong: The 1967 Riots and the Aftermath
  • Translation and techniques in the Poetry of Xu Zhimo
  • National consciousness and humanitarian modernism in the writing of Lai He (1894-1942)
  • The History of the Zhujiang Film Studio 1956 – 1966
  • Community Activities in Beijing: A Contested Space
  • Locative argument structures in English-Chinese interlanguage grammars

Before applying to this course, it is essential that you consult with a potential supervisor. A list of our academics, with brief biographies designed to give you an idea of their research interests, can be found here

Language Requirements

Applicants must already have good reading skills in the Chinese language. For those whose interests are in pre-modern, medieval or early China, at least two years of experience of literary Chinese (文言文) is essential.

Please see the Entry Requirements page for English language requirements. 

Assessment Structure

The MPhil Chinese Studies (by research) is assessed by a thesis on a topic approved by the Degree Committee, which is subject to a 25,000-word limit (including footnotes and appendices but excluding bibliography). Students will also be required to sit a viva (oral examination) on their thesis and the general field in which it falls. 

To apply, see the University Admissions pages