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Chinese Studies 2010

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Tripos Part IA

C.1: Modern Chinese Translation and Writing, 1

C.2: Modern Chinese Texts, 1

C.3: Literary Chinese, 1

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Tripos Part IB

C.4: Modern Chinese translation and writing, 2

C.5: Modern Chinese texts, 2

C.6: Literary Chinese, 2

C.7: The history of dynastic China

Oriental Studies Tripos Part II

C.11: Literary Chinese Texts, 3

C.12: Aspects of Traditional Chinese Culture

C.13: Modern Chinese Texts, 3

C.14: Modern Chinese translation and composition 2

C.17: Modern China; specified subject

C.18: Modern China; readings

Examination in Oriental Studies
for the Degree of Master of Philosophy:
2-year Mphil

Paper 1: Chinese Language, 1

Paper 2: Chinese Language, 2