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Japanese Studies 2008

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies | Library

Preliminary Examination for Part I of the Oriental Studies Tripos

JP.1: Modern Japanese

JP.2: Modern Japanese Texts, 1

JP.3: Modern Japanese Texts, 2

Oriental Studies Tripos Part I

J.1: Modern Japanese, 1

J.2: Modern Japanese Texts, 1

J.3: Modern Japanese Texts, 2

J.4: Modern Japanese History

J.5: Classical Japanese

J.7: Modern Japan, 1

J.8*: Modern Japan, 2

Oriental Studies Tripos Part II

J.10: Modern Japanese, 2

J.12: Japanese Texts, 1

J.13: Japanese Texts, 2

J.16: Topics in Japanese History

*Also Social and Political Sciences Tripos Part I; Pol 10