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In alphabetical order by surname of directors.


Annaud, Jean-Jacques: The lover (G 760.33)

Cimino, Michael: The deer hunter (G 760.36)

Coppola, Francis: Apocalypse now (G 760.35)

Frankenheimer, John: The Manchurian candidate (G 760.41)

Fuller, Samuel: J'ai vécu l'enfer de Corée (G 760.30)

Gershtein,Alexander ... [et al.]: The province of lost film (G 760.25)

Joffe, Roland: The killing fields (G 760.34.1-2)

Kubrick, Stanley: Full metal jacket (G 760.37)

Lemkin, Rob: Enemies of the people (F I 310.8)

Milestone, Lewis: Pork Chop Hill (G 930.48)

Morris, Errol: The fog of war (ask at issue desk)

Noyce, Phillip: The quiet American (791.4372)

Prince, Harold [stage director] Turandot, Giacomo Puccini (G 760.53.1-2) [DVD+booklet]

Robson, Mark: The bridges at Toko-Ri (G 930.50)

Stone, Oliver: Born on the fourth of July (G 760.40)

Wenders, Wim: Nick's film (lightning over water) (G 760.32.1)

Wenders, Wim: Room 666 (G 760.32.2)

Wenders, Wim: Tokyo-ga (G 760.32.3)

Wenders, Wim: Notebook on cities and clothes (G 760.32.4)

Wenders, Wim: A trick of the light (G 760.32.5)