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Electronic Journals - Japan

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Last updated: April 2018


For information on OFF-CAMPUS ACCESS to e-journals subscribed to by the University of Cambridge please click HERE or email

If you cannot access a journal via your RAVEN password, try the following. LOOK FOR 'Alternative login', then type the name of your institution ('University of Cambridge'). Click on the search button followed by clicking on the name of the institution. The logon page for RAVEN will appear.

(Available cam domain only).
Collection of business and general news from 14,000 sources. Includes many Japanese newspapers e.g. 読売新聞 (Japanese and English versions), 北日本新聞、エコノミスト(and many more). Searchable by keywords from articles (in Japanese).

(Accessible on campus only. Click “Enter (SSL)”. If you want to read today’s articles, add today’s date in both columns.)
The largest online newspaper database in Japan. Enables the user to search and read articles carried by The Asahi Shinbun over the past 130 years. Also includes two weekly journals: Weekly Asahi and Aera. "Historical Photo Archives", articles from the Meiji, the Taisho, and the Showa era have been included to the current database.

(Available on and off campus. Click 'Log-in' after ticking the terms and conditions agreement button and then click on 'SETSUZOKU'.)
Nikkei Telecom21 is a comprehensive online business database service provided by Nikkei Digital Media Inc.
The service consists of four main sections; including a full text search of Nikkei’s four business newspapers, company information search, the Who’s Who personnel search and real Time Nikkei flash news.
There is an English menu which provides not only round-the-clock Nikkei news with over 100 stories a day translated from the Nikkei’s newspapers but also full contents of the Nikkei Weekly which is an English weekly paper published by Nikkei.

Yomidasu Rekishikan
Available on and off campus.
Contains Yomiuri Shinbun and its Archives (Meiji, Taisho, Showa).

Useful tool for searching online

Zasshi kiji sakuin (English ; Japanese)
This is one of the most important research tools for finding journal articles. It is a major index to scholarly journals, academic bulletins and magazines published in Japan and held in the NDL. It contains citations of journal articles, and NOT the full text articles themselves. Since it is not a 24 hour service, beware of the time difference! (For articles published after 1981, use the printed version.)