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On-line Catalogues

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 Searching local and world-wide online catalogues

Last updated May 2018


Use this interface to search for printed and online resources (ebooks, ejournals, articles within online databases) across Cambridge University libraries. This platform can be searched in vernacular script.

Once you input your search terms you can limit your search to library only or to print or online resources. Use Advanced Search for exact hits. 

In order to be able to harvest articles from ALL databases, it is advised that you always log in to iDiscover (top right corner)

(To see the full list of journals or databases go to eresources & ejournals at Cambridge website. Here you can further refine your search by subjects selected from the drop-down menu.)

  • Searching iDiscover catalogue for books written in ARABIC, PERSIAN, HEBREW and HINDI/SANSKRIT:

a.) IN TRANSLITERATION (Recommended) : Not all books are catalogued in their original script. For best result, search in transliteration.
Please click
HERE for the transliteration table and for further instructions. When typing into the search boxes ignore diacritics and hyphens, omit linking words and common words. Be aware that some classical authors retain the Latinised forms of their names - e.g. Avicenna, Averroes, Maimonides.
b.) IN ORIGINAL SCRIPT: You can only retrieve bibliographic records in original scripts if the cataloguer added such information to the transliterated records at the time of cataloguing. (Use cut & paste either from the Internet or Microsoft Input.)

  • Searching iDiscover catalogue for books written in CHINESE or JAPANESE

a.) IN CHINESE SCRIPT : Click HERE for how to search iDiscover catalogue in transliteration.

b.) IN JAPANESE SCRIPT:  click HERE for further information.

  • Click HERE for how to search the iDiscover  for Japanese material transliteration.


(Language-specific catalogues are listed under relevant 'Selected online resources')

COPAC (Academic and National Library Catalogue)
Gives free access to the merged online catalogues of major University and National Libraries in the UK and Ireland, including the British Library. It is searchable in Chinese, either in Pinyin transcription or in characters.

Provides access to on-line catalogues of libraries worldwide (mainly American libraries). It is a vast database which includes many monographs in their original languages, journal articles, chapters from edited monographs (can be searched by chapter titles of recent publications, if cataloguer added such fields). It can be searched in transliteration or in the original language. Useful for retrieving bibliographic details of a monograph published in Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Japanese, Chinese. It also lists the holding libraries of a particular monograph in the UK or abroad. RAVEN password is required to use this database outside the Cambridge domain.