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AMES Festival of Ideas 2012

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girl calligraphyEvents in Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

The events listed below will take place in the AMES Faculty building on the Sidgwick Site.

Please note that certain events require booking. Click on the title of the event to go to the relevant booking page. You can turn up without booking but people who have booked will get priority (and others may be refused entrance) in case of a fully booked event. All events (bookable or not) are subject to a strictly-enforced maximum attendance of fifty people.

Saturday, 27th October

A Scholar's Dream (11.00-12.00noon) Rooms 8 and 9

A talk by Dr Vincenzo Vergiani, Director of the Sanskrit Manuscript Project, illustrating the importance of the University Library's South Asian manuscripts collections for the understanding of Pre-modern Indian Civilisation. (Age 14+)

Prophetic Dreams and Royal Nightmares in Persian Literature (1.30-2.30pm) Rooms 8 and 9

In literature from Homer to Dostoevsky, dreams can be caused by the divine, devilish, or the dead and can foreshadow the actions of the living. Dr Firuza Melville will examine a rich collection of examples from Persia's ancient literary tradition. (Adults only)

Arabian Tales (3.00-4.00pm) Faculty Common Room

Bilingual storytelling and festival lantern making (All ages)

The U.S Election seen from East Asia: What is at Stake? (3.00-4.15pm) Rooms 8 and 9

Come and hear experts on East Asia and the US discuss the impact of the upcoming US election in a roundtable discussion. (Adults only)

Early to Bed, Early to Rise? (4.45-5.45pm) Rooms 8 and 9

It is generally perceived that our ancestors went to bed when night fell and naturally got up early. Dr Brigitte Steger, Modern Japanese Studies, will explore how nocturnal sleep was regulated in Pre-Modern Japan and what this regulation implies for the night-time activities from people of different historical periods, regions, social strata and gender. (Age 12+)

Thursday, 1st November

Samurai Gentlemen and Gentleman Samurai (5.30-6.30) Rooms 8 and 9

In this talk Dr. Oleg Benesch (University of York) examines the Japanese ethic of bushido–the way of the samurai–as an invented tradition, and explores the major role Victorian notions of gentlemanship played in its development. (Adults only)

Throughout the Festival (24th October — 4th November)

Exhibition: Words and images from ancient India

The Asian & Middle Eastern Studies events during the Festival of Ideas have been organised by Mick Deneckere, Chaoqun Lian, Maryam Serajiantehrani and Susie White.