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cold war conference

Cambridge Cold War Workshop Conference

Regional and National Identities in the Cold War in East Asia:
the integration of East Asian and Western Perspectives
Cambridge Conference

Dr John Swenson-Wright and Dr Barak Kushner recently concluded this British Academy funded workshop, over a two-day conference held at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. From 13th - 14th December, 2010 twenty-five scholars from the United States, France, Korea, Japan, and Great Britain gathered in Cambridge.

The purpose of the workshop was to promote innovative and collaborative research projects on the Cold War in East Asia. Our project seeks to broaden and deepen understanding of the Cold War by providing a more focused analysis of the perspective of regional actors – both in Northeast and Southeast Asia. In doing this, we hope to provide a corrective to the tendency in past historical work to view the Cold War from an arguably overly US-centric perspective. Inevitably, in any study of the Cold War the attitudes and policies of the superpowers will remain critically important. However, a comprehensive and inclusive narrative needs also to address the views of local decision-makers and publics by taking advantage of the growing body of non-English language archival and secondary sources.

Schedule of the proceedings

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The organisers gratefully acknowledge support from the following sponsors:
Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, Sasakawa Fountaion of Great Britain and the British Academy