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Eran Cohen (Jerusalem)
The Tense-Aspect System of the Old-Babylonian Epic [ abstract ]

Debashree Dattaray (Kolkata)
Rama and the bards: Narrative technique in the Ramayanas [ abstract ]

Roland Enmarch (Liverpool)
Of spice and mine: The Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor and Middle Kingdom expedition inscriptions [ abstract ]

Laura Feldt (Aarhus):
Monstrous Identities: Narrative Strategies in Sumerian Heroic Literature - The Case of Lugale [ abstract ]

Jackie Jay (Chicago)
A Tale of Two Tales: Comparing Wenamon and Two Brothers [ abstract ]

Joanna Kyffin (Liverpool)
"A true secret of the House of Life": Prosody, Intertext and Performance in Magical Texts abstract ]

Antonio Loprieno (Basel):
The grammar of Egyptian narrative: a problem of linguistics or of literary theory?

Gerald Moers (Göttingen)
Broken Icons - The Use of Meta-Narratives in the Story of Sinuhe

Richard Parkinson (London):
"Is this the promised end?": Aspects of the Unexpected in Egyptian Narratives

Jose-Ramon Perez-Accino (London)
Text as territory: Mapping Sinuhe's ethical path abstract ]

Chris Reintges (Leiden):
Oral Poetry Versus Literary Composition: Another Look at The Discourse Structure of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts

Aaron Smith (Birmingham/Auckland)
Military Narrative - fact or fiction? [ abstract ]

John Tait (London):
Demotic Narrative in its nuts and bolts

Herman Vanstiphout (Groningen):
From Deep to Surface Structure: the Poetical Essence of  Sumerian Narratives [ abstract ]

Note: the Sumerian literary text which constituted the focus of Professor Vanstiphout’s lecture is now cheaply and easily available in a Society for Biblical Literature paperback edition: "Epics of Sumerian Kings: The Matter of Aratta" (SBL 2003; ISBN 158930830).

Anne Wilson (Birmingham):
Magical Structures in Narrative: some Medieval Examples [ abstract ]
Dr Wilson's Publications

Ilya Yakubovich (Chicago)
Information Structure and Word Order in the Aramaic of the Book of Daniel

Eva Zakrzewska (Amsterdam):
Masterplots and Martyrs: narrative techniques in Bohairic hagiography


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