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indopersian literature programme

Persian Literature in Multi-lingual India
Genres, Contexts, Styles

Faculty of Middle Eastern & Asian Studies, University of Cambridge
Department of the Languages and Cultures of South Asia, SOAS

16th - 18th June, 2008

Room 8, Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
University of Cambridge, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, U.K.



Monday 16 June

9.30 welcome

Session 1: Indo-European encounters 9.45-11.30 Chair: P. O’Hanlon
Muzaffar Alam (University of Chicago) and Sanjay Subrahmanyam (UCLA): Frank Discussions: The court of Jahangir and Indo-European encounters
Ebba Koch (University of Vienna) Salomon, Majnun and Orpheus as Symbols of the Ideal Ruler in Mughal India

coffee break 11.30-11.45

Session 2: Courtly norms 11.45-1.30 Chair: S. Subrahmanyam
Diego Giolitti (University of Cambridge): Bridging the gap between history and literature: a portrait of Humayun Padshah
Corinne Lefevre-Agrati (CNRS, Paris): Advice literature in the time of Jahangir: the Risala-i Nuriyya-i Sultaniyya of ‘Abd-ul-Haqq Muhaddis Dihlawi
Katherine Brown (Leeds): The idea of South: the "classicisation" of Hindustani music under the Mughals c.1660

lunch break 1.30-2.30

Session 3: Literary & other identities 2.30-4.15 pm Chair: Christine van Ruymbeke
Thibault d’Hubert (EPHE): Poetical majlis and literary identities in 17th century Bengal and Arakan: Abu al-Barakat Munir Lahuri and Alaol
Polly O’Hanlon (Oxford University): Writing the self in Mughal India
tea-break 4.15-4.45

Session 4: Social history of the Persian language 4.45-5.45
round table discussion on Bert Fragner’s paper with S. Pellò and M. Alam

dinner at 7.30 at Francesca’s house: 60, Gilbert Road

Tuesday 17 June

Session 5: The culture of the book 9.30-10.45 Chair: F. Orsini
Najaf Haider (JNU): The Persian Book in Medieval India: Production, Circulation and Reception
John Seyller (University of Vermont): Seals, Ownership, and the Circulation of Persian Manuscripts

coffee break 10.45-11.15

Session 6: Shaping a literary culture 11.15-12.30 Chair: Paul Losensky
Sunil Sharma (Boston University): Literary Geographies of Mughal Biographical Dictionaries (Tazkiras)
Stefano Pellò (University of Venice, Italy): Representing multilingualism through Persian: translations, lexicography and the tazkiras

lunch break 12.30-1.30

Session 7: Court poetry 1.30-3.15 Chair: C. Shackle
Paul Losensky (University of Indiana): Zafar Khan Ahsan as Patron and Poet
Shamsur Rahman Faruqi (Allahabad, India): Five (or More) Ways for a Poet to Imitate other Poets, or Imitation in Sabk-i Hindi

tea break 3.15-3.45

Session 8: Translations & rewritings 3.45-5.00 Chair: N. Delvoye
Audrey Truschke (Columbia University): The Mughal Book of War: A Persian Translation of the Sanskrit Mahabharata
Christine van Ruymbeke (University of Cambridge): The ‘Iyar-e Danesh: From bombast to simplicity? The Anvar-e Sohayli re-written for Akbar

dinner at 7.30 at Francesca’s house

Wednesday 18 June

Session 9: Persian and Hindavi 10.00-11.30 Chair: S. Sharma
Shantanu Phukan (San Jose): Vernacular Forays: Uses of Hindi in the Persianate Poetry of Sauda
Rajeev Kinra (Northwestern University, Boston): Persian Hindi and Poetic Philology in an Early Modern Masnavi: Tajalli’s Allah-Khuda’i

coffee break 11.30-12.00

Final discussion 12.00-1.30
discussants Muzaffar Alam, Nalini Delvoye, Christopher Shackle and Sanjay Subrahmanyam

Research Project North Indian Literary Culture (1450-1650)
The generous support of the Soudavar Foundation and the British Academy is gratefully acknowledged

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