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The Neo-Aramaic Conference 2011

6th & 7th July, 2011

Lucy Cavendish College, Lady Margaret Road, Cambridge.


Mr Aloni Oz "Towards a Corpus of Jewish Zakho”

Prof. Werner Arnold “Non-Semitic loans in Western Neo-Aramaic”

Dr Roberta Borgero “Notes on the present continuous construction in Ankawa”

Dr Eleanor Coghill “Differential Object Marking in Neo-Aramaic”

Dr Eran Cohen “The particle wal in the verbal system of the Jewish Neo-Aramaic dialect of Zakho”

Prof. Steven Fassberg “On the Origin of the Periphrastic Preterite kim/qam qatille”

Dr Sam Fox "The History of the Future"

Mr Illan Gonen “Classification of Nouns in Jewish Zakho”

Dr Geoffrey Haig "Word-order convergences in Neo-Aramaic and Kurdish: different paths, same result?"

Prof. Olga Kapeliuk “More from Polotsky's Nachlass on the verb in Urmi”

Prof. Geoffrey Khan “Towards the Grammar of Christian Urmi”

Dr Amal Marogy "Towards a Corpus of the Dialects of the Ṣapna Region"

Dr Alexey Lyavdansky "The Electronic Corpus of Literary Urmian in Novyj Alfavit: Presentation of a Project"

Dr Kristine Mole “Notes from fieldwork in Iraq” / “The three /r/s in Barṭella Neo-Aramaic”

Dr Hezy Mutzafi "Jewish and Christian Salmas: Two Neo-Aramaic Languages"

Miss Lidia Napiorkowska "Diachronic Perspective on Emphasis in Diyana Zariwaw"

Prof. Bruno Poizat “Four Years Teaching Sureth“

Ms Melonie Schmierer TBC

Prof. Donald Stilo “The Diachrony of the Present, Subjunctive and Future Formations and their Derivatives in the Araxes-Iran Linguistic Area (AILA)”

Prof. Maciej Tomal “Towards a description of written Turoyo”

Dr Michael Waltisberg “On discourse pragmatics in Turoyo”